View Full Version : Ok, I have to Admit, i AM REALLY Hyped because of the unexpected New Fraktion but...

06-12-2018, 02:00 AM
FOR HONOR ,Good move there This could actually work to attract more CHinese players in to the Game. and we'd have alot more Players to play against
I like this move, However... I am worried that this move came a little bit too late.. :/ youve wasted so much Valuable Time on rework and unneccessary changes and cosmetics that your Game might not be as succesfull as in the Beginning , But Hope never dies. Good work i desperately wanna see these Fraktions in the Future Aswell

Silkroad, Steppe Fraktion : Includes, Slavs(Skytians) aswell as Turkic (Bulgars Huns Tartars Kumans Oghuz Karluk) Iranians ( Persians Sarmatians Tokharians Alans Aryans (indian) ) and Mongols Eurasia Central/South/NorthEast Asia Playerbase $$$

Sahra, Desert Fraktion Merch : Includes Arabs Berbers Egythians Hebrew and Kushhittic East/West Middleeast North/East Africa Playerbase $$$

Phalanx Fraktion : Illyrian Makedonian Thracian Hellenics Caucasians and Anatolians West Asia Balkan and Caucasia Playerbase $$$

These are The Fraktionssss i wanna see in near Future so Please Hurrry lol

06-12-2018, 03:35 AM
bro you gotta remember, alot of the samurai faction members are chinese, those chinese ppl picked the samurai because of no chinese faction, and since the samurai are struggling, it would be catastrophic for the chinese ppl to switch over to the wu lin... the samurai faction would crumble...