View Full Version : Faction War and the New Faction

06-12-2018, 12:51 AM
At present the faction war is completely broken in favor of the vikings, ubisoft has yet to address the problem as even this season the vikings are still rolling everyone in the faction war without effort. Now with the new faction coming in what is to keep the faction war from just shifting to the new faction winning all the time as it depletes the numbers of the other factions. I suppose if it becomes highest pop it won't have the pop bonus but then we just see vikings winning even harder.

So overall what is the plan to reel in the vikings in the faction war. At present players of other factions logging in get a middle finger from ubisoft (not intentionally) that is telling them they chose wrong. The vikings are getting handed free steel, crates, and cosmetics every season while knights and sams get shafted. Now if the new faction comes in and takes over then its the same story different faction, if they get rolled as well then its just more players getting shafted every season because vikings aren't being kept in check by ubi.

The fact that this has gone on for several seasons now without being addressed is concerning as the faction war isn't isolated from anything. Its in your face all the time, with the updates, the menus being built around it, etc. Everything you do touches the faction war in some capacity and seeing the vikings constantly sitting at 30-60 territories is just absurd and absolutely needs to end.

There are 3 solutions to this problem that I can see immediately.

1. faction war simply goes away, all exclusive season rewards are given out to everyone as apology for the faction war being broken since launch, especially in favor of the vikings. The first 3 seasons being clearly rigged based on the dlc launches and the remaining seasons being handed to vikings by willful dodging of the problem that stares every player in the face. The only people who don't care about balance in that sector are the vikings because they are winning and not losing out on any content.

2. vikings lose outright their population bonus for one season to see how well they hold up without it. Yeah it might guarantee a loss but honestly they have the last 2 seasons they can take an L in March of Fire for science. Study the data, if they are utterly rolled then adjust population bonus until its competitive but not overwhelming. Again reward all present season win rewards to all factions as apology for the faction war being utterly broken since launch.

3. Tune up the knights and sams to balance out against the vikings. If any faction is averaging 40-60 territories at any given time in the faction war there is an egregious problem and they need to be nerfed to balance out the competition. This isn't a single player game. If only 1 faction ever wins you are telling the other 2/3rds that they don't matter and that their faction doesn't matter. Again reward all current season rewards as apology for the broken faction war.

Now I know people will say but they've all been putting assets on vultcano while vikings actually try. Well they started doing that because when sams and knights did try the vikings rolled them without effort so vultcano became a sort of secondary war between knights and sams since they both came to the realization that they would never see another fw win let alone a campaign win. If you want players to care about fw vikes can't 3-0 the season or pull 5-0s all the time. When knights and sams are seeing 1 or 0 campaign wins a season on average since the first 3 rigged seasons there is a problem.

The faction war cannot remain as it is with vikings winning every season 4-1-0 or 4-0-1. We have watched plenty of times this egregious imbalance of the faction war get glossed over with a chuckle in the warriors den though it was mentioned in a recent one that knights were supposed to be buffed this season. If something was done with knights and sams it wasn't enough as vikes currently are poised to take campaign 2 based on averages. I usually see them sitting at 40+ so I don't doubt that come end of campaign that vikes will shoot up to 50-60.

The knights and sams need to be shown a little respect and value. We are 2/3rds the player base. This is vikes, sams, and knights, not Odin's playground. No faction should be just pouncing the others without contest.

So what's the plan to balance the faction war with the 4th coming in to keep it competitive and unpredictable, and will knights and sams recieve any compensation for getting screwed the last few seasons. The game is taking huge strides in the right direction and I love what you are doing with the new characters coming in as well as the new modes, but FW cannot be neglected as it is too heavily present in the player's face for the player to ignore with it not only staring them down between every match, but also staring them down every campaign and season conclusion. 2/3rds of your factions have to watch as the loot piles for the vikes while they get nothing. Its got to change.