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06-11-2018, 11:29 PM
Well, now we all want to hype E3 reveals. But when all "wow" effect gone, I started to be septic about all this.

Let's go through all we know already, and what it could bring to us.

1. Bring new players. Well, unfortunatly I really doubt this free starter edition week will help. Game are too complecated now. And if newcomers will start to play, face ultimate rivals with all game mechanics I can't imagin how they could get through this. What could bring new players to the game it is simplification of the combat system at all to make it more friendly. I got couple friends who bought Starter Edition in the end of season 5. They already abandoned For Honor. And 70-80% of free new comers will do the same. Grind is awful now and brings nothing, but pain. I even don't want to buy new characters, cause I'm terrifying of new "road to top gear" travel...

2. New characters. Well, it's awesome, I believe to see four new characters for the game. But what about balance and all this stuff? What about reworks? Will we see all needed reworks in season 7? If new chars bring new mechanics (like all DLC did), so we will need another round of reworks to made old chars compared with new ones. No proper information about it.

3. Well, all this announcements cool, but release date is 16th of October, so it will happend in season 8. So, no big things for season 6 and 7? I doubt that devs didn't mention something,that they have for upcoming season. Reworks it's something necessary before new chars, but if it's all content for summer, so it's no big reason to play until 16th October. Still hope devs will say more on next Den.

4. If you think about new armor for Warden, check trailer again. This big guy looks like boss in siege mode, NPC. Maybe we will see his armor for Warden, but I doubt it.

5. New faction for broken faction wars. I think Vikings will take season 6 as well, and I really can't see any real reason to care about faction wars now. So if this system will not change until China factions will be released, we have even more broken faction wars.

6. In the end of it all, siege mode looks strange. 4v4 in siege? Really? Maps will be small again? Same mistakes that were in Dominion have their chances to be in Siege Mode.

So, while I want hype all new content, I really can't see how all this will help to make For Honor more popular. This content only for current players and some % of old ones, who maybe will return.
Still, I wait for next Den for more information.

06-11-2018, 11:46 PM
Clearly we will get warden rework that gives him ability to stop time.

06-11-2018, 11:54 PM
Well, according to this video I could say, that defenders will win 80% of matches. oo