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06-11-2018, 02:06 PM
So I've been waiting to type on the division 2 forums for quite awhile I am assuming they just released the website a few days ago so we can have questions and answers after the E3 trailer. Congratulations on making a division 2 game, but I was disappointed from the new U.I. changes other than that everything else was great.

Some ideas and questions I do have is, Will we see the division as the cover base shooter we were promised before? What I mean by this is cover in the actual game currently unless while versing someone else who is out of cover.

Will all builds in the game be balanced? What do I mean by this is no gear/build being the favoritism being run by the entire community. I would love to be told that all builds have a counter such as the first division game for example Final measure gear provided more Exotic damage resilience over someone who ran predators mark. Would we see counter that are specifically designed to defeat or counter that one build? there are many ways to apply this idea.

can we have a poll system this is a design I am taking from a game called "Runescape" I am not saying copying an paste the design, but for the majority of the community that aren't always or dont visit the fourms here may be have a system which we as players can vote on ideas they are taken from the developers and voted by the community if it passes a certain percentage from the community which will be dependent on the developers alone to decide that it will be work on and design and tested before being into the live version of the game. this will allow for more ideas which means more content and I am sure for the ubisoft company as a whole an idea into the game that the community wont buy regardless of a dlc or cosmetic item is an idea wasted and a loss for the marketing team. So this will help players know what we want and know what we dont want and how the division 2 game shall shape as time moves on. this also provides a longevity of the game itself. which I'll speak on my last idea.

Will we see Esports? from my constant hardcore grind playing on the xbox one for more then 15-20 hours. at times I love the competition 4v4 or a team going rouge and the entire server focusing on that one team now getting chased by the entire server wasn't intended of course, but players do have to be careful where and when to go rouge it's the joy of it. The DLC survival mode made things even better exploring buildings and loot while players all spawn from the light zone which has a bigger map zone then the dark zone the entire idea was perfect. I am not saying lets see a battle royale game like pubg or fortnite which are two separate games on their own, but this game has so much potential too me. that in the future I can see a Esports level of players spawning into a dark zone learning how to relocate when more then a 4 man team is there so separate the crowd, Cut corners so when making the turn the only way to shoot the player or even see the player is by forcing a push or a device up ahead that can target, I am honestly okay with losing a story line to make a better multiplayer, but that is just me. look at rainbow six siege and over watch that is all. .

NEC Avenue
06-11-2018, 02:18 PM
The Division franchise could be made to be anything but the question is should it? Some things to remember, it uses stats and builds at its core. Overwatch and RB6 don't use stats/builds.

A "competitive" Esports mode could be added where all players have the same stats/builds or different classes with different abilities like in Overwatch/RB6 etc. There's really nothing to prevent the developers from offering this.

A "battle royal" mode could easily be offered in fact the current Survival mode is essentially a BR mode with 24 max players and a timer.

In my opinion they should make a free to play BR mode to get more people interested in this game since BR is the hot mode right now.