View Full Version : HELP - I can not beat HEVEN Mission 4? I need a Tutorial?

06-11-2018, 01:45 AM
I just cna not beat Heven Mission 4... I get 100% rofl-stomped everytime,... I seem to be doing well.. but as soon as the heroes start coming into my area they are .impossible!!

My current Strategy is...

Move all my Haven Heroes into Tomas.. but the other heroes always get around him and I am left running around and never catching them.
The Orc I send out and down clearing paths.
The Wizard I send strait to the pass to block with rocks, then on way back give her troops to tomas, I then wander around picking up random unguarded loot or buying units in the field
I use the girl with the sword in the same way.. she starts with tomas so all her troops are with him already.. so she is also wandering around picking up stuff.

I quickly buy town teleport builder thing and get her to pick it up.. so she can quickly restock and keep tomas upgraded.

This this all seems to be workign fine.. but after a whle incomes the enemies. I have never been able to beat them.. not even once and Tomas never catches them and even so, there is one hero that can even stop him.. as in all my heroes die with hardly any kills.

What am I supposed to do?
Dose anyone know a youtuber that has this mission completed I could watch.. preferably one that isn't annoying af and blathers all the time.. I normally never watch gaming on youtube.. but I really need some kindof guidance here.