View Full Version : Is there any chance to fix the wardens bugs ?

06-09-2018, 07:34 PM
I never expected much from FH developers ( yes, unfortunately their incompetence cries out) but is there any chance to :

- fix the input heavy bug (when instead a zone you get a top slow 100% pariable heavy attack ) ?

- to fix the exploit when you parry a light attack and imediately after that you get a blocked light attack instead of a guaranteed HEAVY ? (this might be general but hell, on warden it's far more noticeable)

- after you hit with a side light you GET A BLOCKED SECOND LIGHT ?

- after a counterstrike you get DODGED instead of a guaranteed shoulderbash ?!

It's been more than a year... stop saying "this game is complex and hard" ..it's not working anymore