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06-05-2018, 05:11 PM
So, as a keyboard and mouse player the one thing I lack is analogue, or even scale-able midi control input, and the one thing I miss when moving from controller to KB+M is a certain level of control when really immersed - especially over how the character moves.

With the simplification of parkour now (and I assume a much more sophisticated automated system to decide whether I need to be travelling up or down) would you - my fellow KBM players - appreciate a finer degree of movement scaling?

Can we use a mouse wheel to scale our movement speed up and down, for instance? Can the default walk speed not be simply walking, and then tapping left shift toggles a jog, then double-tapping left shift toggles full speed? I'm sure this would be such an easy thing to implement. Perhaps it's not even the default move controls. Perhaps I need to map this stuff. I dunno.

Am I the only one who misses this? I really do prefer KBM, but it's a big enough gripe that it forces me to use controller, but then I miss my crazy degree of accuracy. Especially when slow-mo falling from height. Where are those dank mid-air headshots at? :confused: :(

06-05-2018, 05:37 PM
That's an almighty 'HELL YES!' from me.

They did it in Splinter Cell years ago, it shouldn't be difficult...

06-05-2018, 06:32 PM
Glad to hear it Locopells! I'm a little young and a little late to the video game party to remember the first 2 Splinter Cell games, and even if I did play them it would have been on console. I think I started SC with double agent. Argueably a pretty good starting point but I missed out on some of those sweet, sweet Sam Fisher story lines.

Anyway, in regards to move speed in AC, this is the one thing stopping me buying it from uPlay directly, and instead opting for a console version... Which my GTX 1080 really hates me for...