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06-05-2018, 02:56 PM
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know if this is true or not, or if it's a heavily trusted rumour—will there truly be an AC1 remake reveal this coming E3? This (https://theoneswhocamebefore.weebly.com/assassinscreedremakerumour.html)post claims so and so does this (https://twitter.com/acfirstciv/status/1000421922021179394)twitter account.

What do you guys think? Is it safe to get my hopes up or has this been debunked?

06-05-2018, 03:23 PM
I wouldn't even call it "heavily trusted".

Since both of those links are from the same site, I'm not sure that evidence is very compelling, anyway.

Until you hear something official from Ubisoft, I'd consider almost everything to be rumor only.

Would you be interested in an AC1 remake?

06-05-2018, 03:30 PM
Hi, the reply button doesn't seem to work...but yes, I would absolutely love a remake. Been waiting for this for years and years, I'm trying my best not to get my hopes up :nonchalance:

06-05-2018, 05:14 PM
I think a remake would be great. Modern day story couldn't change, and neither could Altair's really but AC1 remade in a more modern, more stable engine with slicker game mechanics would be fantastic. Altair was our original Assassin and by far the most 'bad ***' and calculated. I would definitely be on board for that.

06-05-2018, 05:38 PM
I'd be up for it. I certainly wouldn't mind some tweaks to the original at the very least.

06-07-2018, 11:57 AM
One being able to swim I hope.

06-07-2018, 12:19 PM
I doubt it

With AC Odyssey coming to E3, I don't think they would bother to show/make a remake when they have a new AC game to show

06-07-2018, 04:10 PM
I think I have a good idea for the remake.

We would have a brand new Modern Day protagonist and story.
For some reason that protagonist has to relive Altair's memories, as the protagonist is using a more advanced Animus device all the new gameplay changes and even some slight story changes would make sense on the lore, they could even add the AC Bloodlines and Chronicles story or even add a memory with the assassination o Gengis Khan!
If I were Ubisoft I would try something like that, it would give some extra reasons for people to play this Remake.
If this game is sucessful they could Remake the Ezio Trilogy on the same vibe, maybe even keep the same Moder Day protagonist/story...

What do you think?

06-12-2018, 04:07 PM
Damn, how disappointing lol

06-12-2018, 09:04 PM
What i would change is to make Altair´s voice more middle eastern just to be authentic and to show is face more times.

Another thing i would change is to improve AI and Graphics to make it more interesting.

finally i would add some new lore info that will lead to a interesting forshadowing.

06-13-2018, 01:09 AM
Would you be interested in an AC1 remake?
Well... rumours of Rogue HD circled well before Ubisoft announced it too and panned out to be correct. Though I do inherently agree we shouldn't all bank our hopes in unconfirmed info

I've been waiting to return to 1 for a long time - and if they remaster it in the sense of improving some of the more clunky gameplay mechanics, then I'll be hella excited. PS players also have some small extra incentive for this because it's the one and only AC games on PS that doesn't have trophies or a platinum. I could easily play again on PS3 at any point - but a remaster with trophies would sure as hell be enough for me to throw money at :p

Never did get shown at E3, but neither did alot of rumored games :/ We shall see what the future holds.

06-13-2018, 02:17 PM
@lagrue ah, well that took years. The very idea that it will still takes at least 2-3 years down the road :'(