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06-04-2018, 02:17 PM
If we look at today's city we see alot of end-product industries near or into cities.
It would be cool if anno would promote such a simular thing.
I got this idea when in another topic of disasters i remembered in the very first anno there where robbers in your city who sometimes robbed your market carts if you had production buildings near your city. Altough this woule be a nice feature the bonus of building in or near your city must be quite higher then it's punishment.

Some examples of cool ways to do this would be:
-Decent increase in production
-Highly reduced maintenance
-Decent decreased building price
-perhaps other mechanics wich 1800 want's to introduce?
-perhaps it would even be possible to "turn" higher tier houses into appartements so they have the buisness on ground floor but still have the same housing levels in the same building

Like bakery's, butchers, jewlers, clothers, brewers, etc... build into the city and you get a bonus.
This things will help to give cities a much more variety in looks by both buildings and it's traffic.
It will also create more interesting trade routs in wich you usually transport end products to your cities wich now could be raw resources wich are being made into end products into the cities.

I have actually always found it odd in anno games to have the bets setup with farms and their factories right next to them.
This could be a very fun game changer if it is not mandetory!
Break or make better "best-lay-out" designers by placing your industries elsewhere.

06-04-2018, 07:03 PM
Really nice idea, and the more options the better :)
(as long it is properly done and balanced)