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06-04-2018, 05:11 AM
firstable I lapologize for my English, Well since it came out the short trailer of the new AC game, and since there isnt going to be a Bayek sequel wish I love to see him again, I personally tought the Bayeks death, because in the new game we are going to play with a different character, I thought that Bayek visits Rome to see Amunet, and in that time she already killed Cleopatra, so the Romans when they see their Queen dead they go after Amunet, and there´s where Bayek comes out to protect her, without the Romans knowledge bayek brings the Apple with him,by noticing Bayek there were too many to confont after having a violent fight, he decide to use the apple, and because he is the first assasins to use the apple and without knowing the exact intructions of the use, the apple drained his life by making a huge explotion killing most of the Roman leaving just a few, by doing this he risk his life for family, for his love, and for his creed, I think it would be awesome see Bayek use the apple in a incredible way since almost every assasin did, like Altair, Edzio, Desmond, I really aprreciate if something of this backup could be useful, Thanks for the opportunity I just love AC origins

06-04-2018, 03:11 PM
For sure, I'd love to see Bayek or Aya again if it makes sense within the plot and time period. I loved that inter-connectedness in the American saga, with the Kenways and colonial rite.