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Hi and hello!

Before we start I want to say I love this concept and the game, and I love the effort you guys put in in the game AND the community, it is a lot more then most games will experience. Personally, I discovered this game on twitch closed beta and watched it basically in its entirety, I preordered the gold edition on played the open beta and have mostly only played this game since and can rest on an overall rep of 197 with all heroes at a high rep.

But as I play on PS4 I can’t shake the feeling that this game is solely made for PC and balanced around a mix-match between duels and 4v4 (non-gearescore modes). The reason myself and a large part of the community feel this way is simply looking at how the game is being balanced and the lack of focus on making general matchmaking (4v4) into a better experience. It is harder to block a 500 MS attack on console than it is to block a 400 MS on PC for the majority of scenarios, this is of course due to several things like frames/latency and so forth, which I’m not going to go into as I both lack the knowledge and don’t see any gain by doing so.

The game has already received a lot of good changes and quality of life fixes followed by great events and cool content, and you should know we notice it and appreciate the work end effort put in too it. This «wall-of-text» is not meant as anything other than constructive criticism and to throw some ideas your way that you might find some use for or a new light on some thoughts you have planed or discussed before. I personally have a lot more small things I could write up here that I wish got a glance by Ubi, or ideas for events/cosmetics and so forth. But, as I’ve stated already these are the things that I think would generally increase the gameplay experience most drastically for the better. I`ll not be looking at hero balancing or discuss my opinion on some of the reworks altho I think in gear score modes some heroes greatly gains more than others and that especially if you take feats into account as well with gear score.

I hope this can reach the dev team and create some discussions. And in advance sorry for my misspellings and bad grammar, English is not my first, nor, second language.

PS! I think you guys will give console 60 FPS on your launch event on E3, but even so, it would not fix the issues and differences between PC/console. PC would still be able to see attacks at higher frames and less lag on console, and I hope it will not just be a smack 60 FPS and say console is fine.

Matchmaking - regions

I understand the player-base might not be the biggest that you can make changes like this with out having to consider the ability to find matches on most skill levels.
I understand the player-base might not be the biggest that you can make changes like this with out having to consider the ability to find matches on most skill levels.

So African players had better ping with Asia, but they experienced a slightly higher ping on the Asian people than they have when faced to EU-players, so after some feedback from African players they changed it so they got matched up with EU. That brings me to question this decision A LOT.

Firstly, they had better ping with Asian servers and the Asian players experienced lower ping on African players than EU experiences with that region.

Secondly, the games versus players from that region rewards a ping with 80-250 before they get kicked out or if the game starts losing frames when your close to them and might even crash.

Thridly, facing people from EU gives a ping from 15-50 at worst and most people are around 30 ping.

Now on PS4 at least, having a semi-high MMR in 4v4 means that you face a lot of 4`stacks in this game, and since there are a lot of clans from that region you mainly end up facing 4`stacks of people with 80++ ping which spikes a lot. This rewards your gameplay with a lot of animation-less moves and GB`s as well as insanely fast attacks in general. The difference in speed of a 500MS attack goes from a reactionary attack to almost pure prediction. and a lot of the other moves in this game that is designed to be hard to react to is pretty much the equivalent to chugging a bottle of vodka, putting on a blindfold, spin around a few times, and then start a round of darts. It is not fun for anyone involved.

What I think should be done to give all players a better experience is to make servers for the middle east/Africa so they and EU/Asia can play the game with a lot less frustrating lag. Because as it is now I face more people from those regions than I face EU people on this MMR.

I think there should be some changes to how matchmaking works in terms of grouping up. Out of personal experience if I solo queue I face a lot of 3-4 stacks with the same MMR as me. This leads to several problems.

Firstly, the game can’t find enough players on that same MMR so I`ll be stuck with 1-2 bots for 1/3 of the game or more.

Secondly, because they see it`s a 4`stack on emblems and such people will often instantly leave and you’ll end up being alone or with one player and a team of useless bots.

On console on higher MMR literally 70% of matches are against Arabic clans, this due to there are several clans and they play a lot and have high MMR. This means that players with higher MMR will end up solo-queuing into 4`stacks with 80-150 ping or higher, makes the game feel kinda trash.

I`ll say this once more, try reacting or blocking 4-500 MS attacks or with little or no animation, or get GBed with out ever seeing an animation. Killing someone only to have the game drop frames enough to freeze the screen only to see the person you just started executing is executing you instead.


Is there a cap on allowed latency in this game? Because I see people that have a steady 150 MS + ping and continue to stay in the game.

And you can often see players stay in the game for minutes when their connection spikes between 100-2000 ping and whenever a player like that is in the lobby the game heavily loses frames and sometimes freezes for seconds at a time.

In a game like this there should be a cap that does at least be around the 50-60`s and have lag compensation fix the rest.

The best solution would be to improve lag compensation (which I assume is in the works) and also increase the number of servers to improve gameplay experience across two continents instead of making it **** for two by matching them up together.

Just as an example I can play with people across most of the US/Canada and have a better connection to the server than those regions have with EU.

I can play with people from South Korea and have the same ping as people from that region have with EU servers.

A temporary fix could be to let those regions that don’t have any servers they can connect with on a decent ping be on P2P with their region. That should increase the game play experience for everyone until a permanent fix can come.


Now, we all know gear stats impacted the game a bit much in season one compared to using a non-geared character. The For Honor dev team took some steps which in my opinion was trading something bad with something equally bad. Now, I would love to have regular domination with out gear score, but I get the appeal of tweaking your character in a different way that soothes ones play-style and also generates good income for Ubisoft. So I suggest some real tweaking to it, I have not thought of all options here, nor have I the solution that will make it great and make everyone (most) happy. But, this is at least some things that I think are completely broken and ruins the game experience a lot.

DeBuff Resistance

This is a stat I don't really get the thought behind, it generally nerfs some classes and is a must have due to those classes and hazards.

Firstly, it affects regular bleeds/poison in a big way, and most people run 20-40 DeBuff resistance, and most of the latter. Now, why make it so one stat can deplete 40% of some characters main source of damage or at least a huge part of it, and the fun thing about bleed/poison damage is that it is not affected, nor, increased by gear stats, the only thing that affects it is the base damage increase from revenge.

Now over to what I would like that stat to do, I would like it to affect feats and hazards in a big way. This would make it a stat people did not HAVE to have, but rather a stat based on feats and not regular melee combat.

If we kept the % increases as they are now it would be a stat you would want to give some serious thought and it would highly decrease the damage of bombs/catapult/Lux (and stun/stam duration)/traps/fireflask/shieldbash damage of feat and so forth.

This would help on the death-ball effect and also make joining in a «match-in-progress» less painful. It would also help out on making every character a bit more viable as feats could possibly impact match results in a lesser way.

Defence Penetration

Now this stats was a good idea and have in some ways helped even out the impact of gear score, but completely destroyed fights where people are geared and made a lot of gear selection pretty brain-dead.

Firstly, it almost completely nullifies the worth/need of getting the defense gear, hence making the health/damage ration in this game completely broken.

Secondly, the idea behind this stat was to make lower repped heroes would stand a fighting chance and doing more damage to the opposing max geared enemy. However, people in lower gear levels only hit weaker due to not having an as high attack, not because the enemy is stacked with 15-20% defense as was the case in S1.

My suggestion is one of the following:

Make defense penetration weaker (2,5 and 8% or something) and make it a hard trade, mening you have to give up on some big stat if you want to become a glass-cannon. At the moment you give up nothing and can keep it as your second stat and completely nullify enemy defense unless they hard stack defence and has to give up on a lot of important stats in the process.

Remove the stats from the game and make it a stat that is only affected by reputation, having a set amount of natural defense penetration on reps and having it get lowered as you prestige your characters up to reputation 7. Now, these numbers are just something I something I threw out there, but again numbers I think could work.

Rep 0-2 = 10% defence penetration
Rep 3-4 = 6% defence penetration
Rep 5-6 = 3% defence penetration
Rep 7 + = 0% defence penetration

Revenge Gain

This stats I don’t really see the point of having in the game, I wish the game would just try and scale revenge gain from different attacks and so forth better, and tune revenge to work better instead of creating revenge machines, and due to some heroes becoming absolute monsters in revenge just makes it even worse when fighting in 4v4.

Now personally I would like to see this stat just removed and never to be seen again.

If it were to be kept in the game, I would like it to be a harder trade, and this in the way of reducing the stat to half of its current potency.

As the game is now you get revenge in 1v1`s if you are on the losing side and get low on HP or if the enemy uses a lot of GB/unblockables and so forth. And if you are about half way in this duel and someone lands an attack on you or try’s to go with any type of CC you’ll instantly get revenge. And this makes the game a lot more unbalanced (yes I know you don’t balance the game around general matchmaking, but rather for a competitive 4v4/1v1 which are almost non-existent) There are quite a few characters that can kill you in 1 revenge knock down/GB/or revenge parry which is quite easy to get off, and then you have another half of the rooster which just becomes a small pimped version of its former self and can’t do much even so.


I want to bring defense stat back into the game, make it a viable stat with removing or rebalancing defence penetration, making attack stats a harder trade or making defense stats a lesser/easier pick in terms of other stats.

I would like to see the game in the direction of normalizing the damage a little so that if two max geared heroes with flat stats attack each other it would result in the same scaling as non-gear scored matches.

With having the option to become a glass canon you would have to sacrifice your defence or revenge gain to get a high out put of damage that would overwrite your enemy defence. Or becoming a hero with stacked defence you would have to give up on revenge gain as well so you could lesser the cheese it could generate.

I also think the bleeds/poisons should be affected by defence at the same rate as regular attacks and also make them increase in potency according to your attack stats. This would also help balance out the scaling of attacks in 4v4 modes.

In example I could run with my max geared hero in 4v4 that has 10.7 defences (which is quit high in the game atm) and lose 90% of my health if a highlander lands a Celtic curse in my back. I will have to take both hits before I can block or dodge and it will reduce me down to 10% of my HP if I play a hero with 120 health. It would stop heroes to be able to kill you in 2 heavies and would greatly reduce the cancer of people just spamming «unlocked» heavies and kill you in seconds. It would make the fights longer which would help out on the death-ball meta as well.

Ranked Domination

Ranked domination is pretty much dead, and even when you can find a match you have a lot of increase in the amount of time you wait and not actually do matches. Due to very little input on this point in Warriors Den, I assume that ranked matches in this game is not on the top of your pile of priorities at this time. However, it would be lovely to get some info on where you guys stand in making it mode we can queue in too with rather acceptable queue times

The rewards are a nice asset in terms of a small motivation to queue, but, it is only a smal incentive and there needs to be something bigger to blow life in to a mode people have given up on due to queues and so forth.

Now, for the quality of life for the players that plays this game on a regular basis I would love if you could «give it a go» on making an event over a long time periode like a month or a season where we could all play Dominion just as it is now only with some small adjustment.

Firstly, no gear stats.

Secondly, single pick

Lastly, and this is an optional one, reduce the potency of feats by lets say 25% as a trial.

I know this is not something brand new and my even hurt ranked domination a bit, but, the mode is already dead and this would at least make the game more fun for those whom actually wanna fight and not run around and kill everyone in 2-3 hits or be on the receiving end.

Guard Break (GB)

I was under the assumption that this game was not intended for button-mashing, yet, mechanics such as GB is just that. if you and someone els GB`s at about the same time it may (but only on the exact time) bounce both heroes back into neutral. However, most of the time you have to mash the button due to you getting GB´ed out of your own GB attempt. This is one of those for honor mechanics that needs to be fixed. You could call this a quality of life fix.

GB tracking has some very serious flaws that make the game feel inconsistent and random rather than precise and skill-full.

On one hand you have «under-tracking» GB tracking, sometimes you’ll whiff a GB when you’re standing within normal PK light range (which btw way is not much) or even closer.

And on the other hand, you have GB tracking way more than it should. When you are far outside the normal range of GB tracking and you back dodge as your opponent does a GB it will track a lot extra and reach you. So if I had not dodged it would be a whiff, but, somehow it gains insane tracking and reaches even future if you try and dodge.

Singel/double pick?

Now we all understand casual matchmaking should not contain too much rules so everyone can play what they want, when they want. But certain steps can be made to improve this.

If you queue as a 4´stack you have single pick

Since there are already 4 people in a group it would at least be fair for everyone and reduce the amount of trolling/cheesing in this game.

If anyone is queued as a 2-3 stack make it double pick, that way most should be able to play what they want but also decrease the likelihood of this cheese and not affect players in a larger fashion.

And have no character restrictions if everyone is solo queued.

During the first week or two of a season with reworks/character releases you can lift these restrictions to not affect people who want to try out the new heroes/changes.

I just want to say that I don`t think I have the solution or have a perfect way to fix all the problems I`ve listed here, the point is merly to create discussion, get Ubisoft to give it some focus and hopefully one can come to increase the quality of life for all players and improve the game. These are just my biggest issues assaid from class balancing for the moment.

06-03-2018, 09:33 PM
excellent grammar, writing and formatting mhhh very nice to look at <3

The british version of the word defence in particular just looks sooo much better.

unfortunately a complete waste of time ;)

bump nevertheless

PS: The first line under matchmaking region is doubled. And below that, that is not how ping works. Both players connect to the server and server "plays the game" --> sends data back.

And yes i agree with all the latency stuff and bots, unfortunately at least in regards to the bots it is working as intended by ubisoft.

V thread related

06-04-2018, 08:02 AM
Thank you, I guess I should have re-read it once more, but again, thank you.

I also think most other fighting games it should boot them if they get around 100 ping, personally I would say that it should kick if it is anything like 60-80 but I understand they can`t do that in the current state. Hence, my wish that they will split regions a bit more so most players will be in the 15-50 ping zone. Because once E3 announcement gets published it will bring back a lot of players, and in the current state, it might just get forced into the same situation we saw in S1. I love this game and want it to succeed, but then they need to sort this out quickly. Most people I have been playing with in S1-4/5 quit in eider the start of season 5 or 6 due to mostly facing people with 70-150 ping.

Having boots needs to be there to fill for a player, but, from what I saw Ubi misread you (or I did) Lobby`s should not start with bot`s, but if players leave bots are fine. I don`t think they should remove join in progress, but having the ability to turn it off like we had before in some modes or reducing the time you can join to be more narrow could be good.

This here is a big one for me.

- Team "x" & "y"

If team X decides to quit (every player on one side) the game should end giving the win and experience to team Y.
We should get level 4 bots that at least know how to punish or play as a team (knows how to ress and not just stand there and glitch for minutes on breaking)
- When you join in progress you need to get a lot more renown. Joining in on a match that is 5-800 points in the game with no feats while the enemy team has tier 3 and/or 4 just makes it impossible to turn around unless they are terrible.

06-04-2018, 09:44 AM
They should also fix attack indicators. In a 1vX situation, they do not work well, enabling easy ganks.

As usual, expect those things to get fixed next year.

06-04-2018, 07:56 PM
I agree, the mechanics that were put in to help players see which attack comes first in a team fight mask the ones that other players do so you may parry the "correct one. However, if a raider does his unblockable and someone faints during the attack you will eider get less than a split second of the unblockable indicator or none at all.

Now, my concerns this matter is that if someone is throwing out attacks that are too far away and won't connect with your character no matter what, you`ll still see that indicator and it will mask other indicators. Another thing is dodge attacks while locked on to someone other than the character performing the dodge attack, then the indicator will show on one side, but, as he travels he gets right in front of you or right behind you and the indicator will still show the same side, but will actually land on the other side giving you no chance to react correctly and parry it by following the indicator. Now, the only thing that has worked for me is to parry on the side of the animation which actually works and not parries on the indicator side. However, this requires you too see it coming and expect that to happen and react accordingly and not follow the impulse of the indicator which is hard. This is of course especially true against Kensei`s with his insane reach/distance and tracking.

I`m not going to elaborate on reflex guar and how it still is terrible and a faulty mechanic, I´ll leave this to another thread when I get time.

Also if you find the OP post something you agree with or that you feel should generate some discussion I would greatly appreciate if you would upvote it!