View Full Version : Syndicate: Four Glitches Not Showing on Map

06-03-2018, 10:11 AM
I have collected all of the Helix glitches that showed on the map in all of the boroughs except Westminster, which I am currently working on. However, the progress tracker shows that I have only collected 26/30 glitches in City of London. How do I find out where the four glitches are that are not on the map? Thanks.

06-04-2018, 05:26 PM
Try along the river - and also make sure none are hidden under other icons.

06-16-2018, 05:15 AM
I'm having the same issue. I didn't buy a map but found one online. I went to every single location and I am still 4 short in London.

06-16-2018, 02:28 PM
I used an online map and found them all. It wasn't easy though as the exact locations are tricky to read from the maps and you have to be very close to them before they reveal themselves. You just have to be thorough and tick them off one by one. It's a tedious job, good luck.