View Full Version : Sam/database knowledge

06-02-2018, 07:26 AM
The most important question you could ask Sam or a database for RB6Siege is the stats of operators including overall kill death ratio the win loss deltas the number of equipments used including their success rates or kills with said equipment. Which weapons provide the most kills and wins. What attachments are most successful with what weapons as far as kill efficiency and win deltas. Even as far as what position (standing crouched or prone) are the operators in when they are most accurate. Pretty much the sam knowledge needs to focus on the stats of kills, accuracy and positioning of each operator for the utmost success also in relation to the success raye of their equipment. Just saying... if Sam can't tell me who the most deadly operator is in the game then it's not worthy of even being in a beta stage. I don't care how far Glaz' gun can fire or what a good counter to mute is. Tell me the success rates of the operators. Food for thought down the road. Love the game, keep it up.