View Full Version : An idea for a rebalance of certain moves.

06-02-2018, 01:02 AM
I come before you today to bring a proposal.

This proposal being that certain moves are no longer fatal. What moves will you ask? And why on earth would I even make such a thread. Well in my infinite boredom and thinking I had a great idea.

I think that moves such as glads toestab, warlords headbutt light, feats such as haymaker shield basher and especially punch through continue do their job in full but can no longer kill you.

This adjustment would mean that toe stab would do it job the entire fight but fail to actually kill you. The other moves and feats follow. Iím gonna put out that I may take out headbutt. But thatís up to you guys. Iím simply putting this out there to be debated. And no this does not count bleed. Because bleed in this game is avoidable in all forms save for deflects or guaranteed follow ups. Now in certain levels the said moves can be avoided but I see these moves to whittle down your opponent but not outright kill them. That should be saved for basic lights and heavies.

And who knows. Maybe you guys will decide that bleed can no longer kill. But again I want to see what the community thinks about this. Cheers.