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05-31-2018, 04:12 PM
Hello, Riders!

It’s been some time, though we are excited to bring back a special edition of the Featured Builder article! In this edition, we wanted to take a closer look at how builder, Twist_404, comes up with his tracks and how he fell into building without DLC content.

Name: Twist_404
Platform: PS4

What was your first Trials game?
Trials Fusion is my first Trials game. I’ve play it about 3 years now.

So the community can learn a little more about you – What else do you enjoy doing? Any other favorite games?
I'm 35 years old, married, and I have four young children (ages 9 months to 7 years). I buy a new game every two months or so but after a few days - or hours - I always go back to Trials. For me, it's 70% building and 30% riding (while using another account name). Currently, I am spending every free hour I have in my recently build house. I hope it is finished soon and then I can go back to building tracks instead of a home.


You are well known for building great tracks that do not include DLC content, how did you fall into this niche?
I thought it would be nice to build tracks that look as good as possible with less choice of objects. That's why I created a new account, for non DLC track building. I also think it's nice to build tracks that more people can try.

What is the creative process you go through when building a new track? What is your inspiration?
Most tracks that I have built, I had an idea for an object, an eye catcher, and then I build the track around that object/theme. Like the Buddha from Deva and the houses in uptown. Other times my inspiration comes from a picture or movie.


You’ve collaborated on a few of your tracks with Xntr1cs. How did that relationship come about?
He sent me a message about a track I built and we started talking and riding each other’s tracks. While talking to each other we discussed our tracks and tested them. After that we started helping each other more with the building process and eventually building some tracks together. I really enjoy building with Xntrics, he is a good rider and builder and it is fun to talk while building.

How does building with a partner differ from building alone?
It is nice to share ideas and talk about all kind of stuff while building. He knows things I didn't know and we learn from each other. When I build alone I don't have the opinion of someone else, unless I ask my wife for her input.

What is your favorite track you’ve built to date and why?
It is hard to choose just one because every track had something unique and I feel that Uptown looks the best and Happy Campers is the most fun to ride.


Which of your tracks was the hardest to complete or most time consuming?
Wrath off Darkness. Just to get the driveline right. Of course I wanted it to be for the speed runners but then I also wanted it to be fun for the more average players. I have my own way of driving and it can be hard to look at a track from the point of view of a beginner. The effects in Wrath off Darkness also took a lot of time to get right.

Do you have any pointers you would like to share with those who might be interested in beginning track building?
Find friends to test your tracks and listen to their comments and advice. For me, that's Xntrics and ElColoLoco. Just start building, you will get better with each track. I think it's addictive.

Any favorite tracks and/or track builders from the community?
le monde de morphée 4 is a track I won't soon forget because of the crazy effects, they are mind blowing. There are more tracks and track builders that made an impression on me but the list would be endless.

Is there anything else you’d like to say or share with the Trials community?
I just want to thank all the builders and riders. For me the Community is interesting and fun and I especially like the Friday streams.


A big thank you to Twist for taking the time to let us know a bit more about him and how he comes up with his ideas! Let us know if there are any favorite Twist tracks that you would like to recommend to us and others in the comments below. Until next time!

06-01-2018, 10:12 PM
Grats and well deserved to be featured, Twist. Can't wait till you have time to build again :). And how did you manage to mispell my name, TWICE lol. ;)