View Full Version : Is reflex guard ever going to be fixed?

05-31-2018, 01:18 AM
Admittedly I use dodge way more than blocking as an assassin, but that's partially because reflex guard is so horrible. The startup should not be so delayed after you move your guard. This isn't helped by the fact that assassins have a stupidly long hitstun recovery on dodging. If characters are just going to get 500ms light combos, its just going to get harder and harder for people to play assassins. Even with the new orochi lights, it's basically impossible to dodge (to either deflect or escape) a light attack after just getting hit by one unless you're spamming your dodge button and get lucky.

Also don't forget that there's either a bug (or more likely a ghost nerf) that allows people to block a ranged heavy from any direction after getting hit with Shinobi's deflect kick, rendering his max punish useless.

06-05-2018, 06:18 AM
There have been so many threads talking about it, but it's still not been fixed. I believe it's an extra 100ms to switch guard, which is ******ed. Considering we have a bunch of 400ms and 500ms lights, which I think can be sped up to 367 and 467 respectively if you delay the attack in a combo, you're left with 267-367ms to respond to an attack. The average human reaction is 250ms. That means the average human would either be able to respond in 17-117ms (with perfect latency, which is almost never the case), or would have to block on prediction rather on reaction.

All that work to block simply because you're an assassin, vs playing anyone else with a normal guard that can easy breezy cheesy block those lights all day on reaction, even on console.