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05-31-2018, 12:33 AM

As we all know, on every announcement, they showed us tech demos by focusing on almost a single setting and theme for the environment.So far, we are somewhat familiar with this city:


But what other kind of places we will see. What do YOU guys want to see? I hope there will be such variety that every place we go will be unique; such as, different people, economic/political/social environment, buildings, art, clothing, vegetation, animals etc.

My personal expectation is to see at least one cyberpunk-style dystopian city with dark, dangerous and wet look with a political environment surrounded by conspiracy theories. City can be filled with neon lights, displays. While the main streets are crowded, there can be empty side streets where illegal businesses runs. When we look at the population, we can see the huge gap between social classes. When we walk down the streets we can see poor people living in slums to dangerous looking space pirates/travelers. While the streets are filled with small local businesses struggling to make a living; high apartment buildings are the home of the elite class, living a very distant life from the people of the streets. (Like Altered Carbon). The elite class can include huge corporations, political parties, bank owners etc. Vehicles on streets are usually owned by traders, pirates and local businesses; other people use urban public transportation. Elite class on the other hand use the air traffic with have high tech flying cars, spaceships or whatever. There can be pirates using their power to threat the local businesses to collect "taxes" in the name of their leader. While there security of the government heavily protects the elite class by surrounding their isolated buildings, the streets are still dangerous by the absence of such strict protection. The local police is corrupted, most of them work with space pirate leaders and allow them to collect taxes from the local businesses to get their cut. However, the streets are being watched by government's AI robots to report and arrest people with "misbehavior". They can arrest people because of things like theft or people who are opposed to the current government officials etc. So there is no free-speech.

So and so forth, you get the picture :)



06-03-2018, 01:27 AM
If I get it right most of what you're looking for is already planed except the cyberpunk ambiance part. There's some flavor of it but it looks like BGE2 will be way more about defining a creative "new" science fiction universe than making a Bladerunner remake. Witch IMO makes a lot of sense for at least 2 reasons :
1- BGE Universe is already incredibly rich and characteristic that what the team and most space monkeys want is above all exploring it.
2- For a pure Cyberpunk feel CP2077 is expected to do the trick, not BGE2.

06-20-2018, 12:25 AM
I usually take this website as reference: http://www.cyberpunkreview.com/what-is-cyberpunk/ when talking about this particular topic.

"Negative Impact of technology on humanity: In a cyberpunked near-future, technology runs rampant, and usually manipulates most societal interactions. Dystopian near futures are very common, but so are futures where the impacts of specific technologies are played out in a world only slightly different from the present. Sacred societal boundaries are often crossed with regularity. Often the earth is severely damaged. Crime and drug use are often key supporting themes.

Fusion of man and machine: In addition to cyborgs, sentient programs and robots, cyberpunk often blurs of what it means to be human. Traits we take for granted as representing humanity disappear via introspective looks brought on by the fusion of man and machine." yeah i guess that's not even close as Bio-Hacking genes & nanotech for planetary adaptation colonizing outer planets with rough climates and terrain (biospheres right?).

Corporate control over society: Cyberpunk almost always has an ever powerful controlling entity that directs society. Most often this is represented as a corporation. Some times its simply an ever present singular government." I believe this last E3 2018 teaser and trailer are more than representative of this aspect: especially with the blowing up of a Police Cruiser ship... if that's not a symbol of governmental power & legitimized violence, what is?

Story focuses on the underground: Cyberpunk almost always focuses on the underground of society. While the story may lead to revolution and toppling the power structure" Pirates, smugglers, outcasts, or perhaps Space Corsairs (if they work for the count of one faction), it's still unclear where the storyline's morality will be set, but considering that Pey'j was one of them, it shows the heteroclite perspectives added to the bunch of cutthroats, fortune seekers, and regular individuals who just want to have a peaceful life (i'm looking at the Mammago's Brothers).

Cyberpunk visuals and style: Cyberpunk visuals, ideally, are dirty, hyper-realistic “lived in” looks at the near future. Often cyberpunk films will have a single dominating color that permeates the film." Yeah, from the tech demo back in the early 2010's we saw of Shauni jumping around & escaping across some sort of Outer Rim Mumbai was rather inducing this idea, now that we saw the latest conceptual art and multicultural galactic city, with the holograms, neon advertising and buddhist / hinduist statues around, it would rather follow the same path yeah."