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05-30-2018, 09:55 PM
Some of you may remember a post about 4 or 5 days ago titled "**** you Ubisoft" majority of you that called me out were correct in saying that it was toxic/rage post, it was, I just finished a match where I was "outplayed" by a shaman and nobushi pair and couldn't do anything to them, my team would crumble immediately and I would be left by my self to bleed and get biten to death, followed by the "im better than you" emote spam.

I am truly sorry that I let my angry get the better of me and I made that post, everyone was right to call me out in saying that there was no constructive criticism in that post.
I do enjoy this game, i truly do, there isn't another fighting game like this, I want this game to succeed but a lot needs to change.

The direction this game is going is not beginner friendly at all, too much unblockables, too much light spam, too much knowledge is needed to succeed in this game. I don't have a suggestion on how to fix this, the game needs to evolve yes but I think the pace at which it is evolving is too quick for the longevity of For Honor.

Parry's, while season 5 parrying is far more balanced then season 4 and lower it still needs some improvement specifically one that I can think of and this is, changing the party reward based on the speed of the attack. Example, Highlanders lights are pretty slow, when they get parried he eats a top heavy. Wardens zone attack is really quick for a heavy attack, and if he gets parried he only takes a light attack. My idea would be to change it that slower attacks like 550+ ms (maybe 600+ ms) regardless of it being a light or heavy don't reward a free heavy anymore and anything faster than that will give a free heavy.

Revenge is still in a pitiful state right now no one can really deny that, I made a list of a few suggestions to make revenge more viable.
1.) Immune to crowd control like Shugoki death hug, Conqueror shield bash, Lawbringers long arm anything that forces a dodge reaction. Reasoning for this is to allow the poor fool being ganked on to have a fighting chance since hes already out numbered, it's hard to evade all of that when when there's three others attacking and gb spamming you.
2.) Make unblockables become blockable but now they do increased damage to people in revenge not a staggering amount maybe 5 or 10% more damage since it's not guaranteed damage anymore.
3.) Popping revenge has a bigger window to auto parry and knocks EVERYONE down (rock steady will not save you anymore)
4.) Increase defence more, I'm not sure by how much but not like it was in season one where Lawbringers we're practically immune to all damage. Lower the amount of damage you do as well by a certain amount maybe 7%?
5.) Revenge attacks bypass and cancel out hyper armor. If to people have revenge and are fighting each other revenge will behave as if they didn't have revenge active (it still affects those who don't have revenge active.)
Bonus, blocking external player will counter gurad break automatically. (Maybe too much)

I think feats should be removed entirely from the game, I know it will never happen but hey a man can dream can't he?
Bombs and all the other feats that cause damage should do full damage to teammates. BUT if you kill a teammate you will have another 7 seconds added to your respawn counter, this will hopefully prevent trolls. Maybe? Trolls are pretty hard to deal with.
Other feats like Kensei unblockable feat should be switched out for something else entirely now, rock steady shouldn't make you immune to wall splats, and the samurai scream should affect teammates.
There are more feats but I don't want to go though the whole get list.

Once again I'm truly sorry about my previous post and I hope you will forgive me.