View Full Version : Uplay PC Client - May 30th, 2018

05-30-2018, 12:48 PM
Changes in this release

Added an option to turn off screenshot notifications.
Added support for Microsoft Input Editor for East Asian languages. Please note that this does not impact chat in the overlay.
Changed the format on the timer that is displayed when you receive a game invite.
The navigation bar within Settings will now accurately reflect which section of the Settings you are in.
Added a button in Settings that opens your screenshots folder.
A prompt will now be displayed when a PC restart is necessary after installing a required dependency for your game.

Bug fixes

Fixed a few text inconsistencies.
Fixed an issue where sometimes an extra backslash would appear in the folder path of your Animus Control Panel save location.
Fixed a rare issue where additional custom presets would be created in the Animus Control Panel.
Fixed an issue where the Club Challenges tab would not appear in the overlay for some games.
Fixed an issue that caused elements of the game page to overlap.
Fixed an issue where game stats would not appear in Korean when the client language was set to Korean.