View Full Version : Did you know? (a small psa about why things are so defendable)

05-29-2018, 06:37 PM
Today I want to inform (or try to inform) the masses on why this game feels really easy/lacks depth you see in a traditional fighter. And also potentially give a different perspective on things. Note i'm not saying this to mean heros shouldn't continue to be tweaked and buffed because poor kit design is apart of this problem. but there are other major issues that are not so known.

Anyway, Time snap used to be a thing. This essentially added 100ms to everything to try and normalize things to have a consistent experience across the board regardless of connection. (i'm probably making it sound less technical than it is but it's just meant to be a general idea.) This was removed though because it created situations where double attacks happened for no reason. Or simply caused other things to not work right. But without time snap we had no lag compensation. Which resulted in attacks being insanely faster in some instances and the timing of the attack itself could very 2-3 times in a single match.

So we got a new lag compensation system that basically (for summary sake) added a frame of delay time to most actions out there. This had a more noticeable effect on console due to the less frames we have where as most pc players are playing with above 120 frames. It didn't really help them have an easier time defending. but it did remove the variable timing. Which was a benefit for all.

However time snaps mechanics still leave a scar on this game in the form of buffered attack speeds. Now what is a buffered attack? It's an attack that you que up by inputting it during another attack animation. What this does is essentially makes the attack slower. (note this doesn't effect soft feinted moves.) So an easy example is centurions triple light chain. All 3 light attacks are supposed to be 500ms. but the other 2 are usually 600ms because people don'y delay their attacks but rather they buffer them. I've touched on this before but delaying your attack (waiting till the first animation finishes) makes the attack faster. But that faster speed is it's correct speed.

The devs are aware of this and are in the process of fixing it as far as I am aware. But this is not the only reason things are easily defendable. It is also because every attack in this game is currently forced in a 100ms increment. That's why you never see a move that has a true speed of say 466ms. How does this have an impact on defending? simple. Say every light attack in the game is 500ms. That means once you've learned the timing of one light attack you've learned the attack timing of all 500ms lights.

Animations have some effect on the learning process but due to the indicator system you don't honestly need to pay attention to animations all that much. It's actually fairly common for fighters to have variable ms timings on attacks. The devs themselves want to add this as a thing. But I believe they're waiting on fixing the buffer issue first as without that being fixed I don't think they can start doing this.

Last thing to mention is blocking. Specifically the fact that blocking too frequently stalls the fight back to neutral. This is because For honor currently lacks mix ups/pressure on block. we have some. but not a lot. In a traditional fighter blocking doesn't stop a persons aggression. The other person is free to continue to hit and add pressure. Though in 2d fighters you only have to block in 2 directions. For honor has 3. So I don't think removing lights being stopped on block is a good thing to do. Instead I think each hero should have a few ways to continue to attacking someone that's blocked their attack.

The first and easiest way would be to give pretty much everyone a heavy>light>heavy attack string. This lets feint games be doable from neutral with a fast light follow up for basic pressure and if it lands it ends with more feint games. Then we would need to add at least one mix up to each hero that lets them do change up what they can do. For instance Nobushi can attempt to go for a kick after a blocked heavy. And we could give Lawbringer shove access on blocked heavies not just landed heavies. Each hero should get something akin to a mix up after their hit that forces the person to do something.

This way blocking is still easy to learn. But defending itself becomes harder. Because with correct attack timings, variable increments of attack timings, and mix ups accessible on block or at the very least pressure with a fast light it won't be as easy as it is currently.