View Full Version : What could incentivize offensive play?

05-29-2018, 01:40 PM
The defensive meta conversation has happened. Continues to happen. But by question, what are some realistic solutions to this problem that don't rely on changes to the core mechanics? What are things that could be introduced into the game that would make offensive play the better option and perhaps make super defensive play not ideal?

Mechanic adjustments like parry timings, guard switching, etc. have been talked into the ground at this point, and the parry changed have been in the game for more than a season, so we maybe need to look bigger. Perhaps other revenge-like mechanics that reward aggression, or passive stat modifiers...or in a dominion, if there was a score penalty based on your team's inaction? (That punishes players for other players behaviour though, so maybe not). Just anything like that, any kind of system or reward for being more aggressive.

Any thoughts? What could work, and how could it work without being intrusive or disturb the flow of a match?

05-29-2018, 02:56 PM
Remove parry from the Game and everyone cant be staggered when hit. Give classes some crowd control abilities with cooldowns. Its alot Of pvp mmo:s Out there not hard to do. The wheel is already invented but ubisoft tried to invent their own wheel and failed hard.

05-29-2018, 06:05 PM
2 bug fixes and 1 addition.

Bug fix 1) fix the buffering speed issue. This currently makes attack chains worthless because attacks come out 100ms slower than they should be. Ex if you use centurions L>L>L chain the first light is 500ms. But if you input the second light before the first light finishes it's animation the second light comes out at 600ms instead of 500ms. The devs are currently aware of this and as far as I know are actively trying to fix it.

Bug fix 2) Getting rid of animation queing. This allows attacks to hit you despite feeling like you blocked them. This is because you failed to block the first attack but your hero needs to finish the animation of that guard switch before it can do the next input. This primarily effects reflex guard users but toe stab effects both guard types in this fashion. The under the hood changes to reflex reduced the likelyhood of this happening but didn't remove it. Devs know about it and haven't decided to fix/remove it yet.

Addition) with the removal of time snap attacks don't need to be in 100ms increments anymore. This was done originally to make time snap function. But because that's gone this doesn't need to be a thing.anymore. Hving variable increments is rather standard for pretty much any fighter out there and would go a long way in making things not so easily defendable. Because instead of learning the attack timing for all the lights in the game at 500ms you'd have to learn it per character (as an example.) The devs are going to do this at some point. Most likely after they fix the buffering issue.

Other things) potentially adding another frame to the lag comp (making it 2 frames of delayed instead of the current 1) might be pretty helpful after both buffering and variable increments are added in. But probably shouldn't be added until then.

And adding mix ups on blocked attacks would be another great way of buffing heros by allowing to apply pressure on block. There is currently very little of this in game. And would benefit the game highly. So blocking doesn't completely stall out fights like it does semi often now. And of course more rework/hero tweaks will help.