View Full Version : So that's it ? No compensation for Switch customers ?

05-29-2018, 09:38 AM

So… that's it ? You released a malfunctioning product, with game breaking bugs (not talking about glitches, not the same scale at all), you piss off hundreds and even more customers, spoil their entire game session, you take a month to patch those serious issues, with minimum interaction with the community. The game was even discounted while owners couldn't even play it. Don't tell us that's perfectly normal.

I've paid 60 € for that. Next time you're gonna get my hopes up, could you please take me to a grease monkey ?

The content of that game is awesome, true genious, from aesthetic to writing, for a South park fan like me it's just amazing. But I had the worst gaming experience I can think of right now. You made me incredibly mad, because of your very own flawed validation process. It's not ok. It's not satisfactory. I was waiting for that game since quite some time, and the broken first two builds ruined my whole experience.

So, that's it ? You're just… sorry ? Are you going to do something, or just pretend nothing happened ?


07-11-2018, 12:53 AM
The steps that these people give you to try and fix the bugs and glitches DON'T HELP AT ALL my copy of the game still has loads of bugs and glitches and frame rate issues that make the game UNPLAYABLE for switch owners. ever since i downloaded the seasonal pass dlc my game has become a broken mess clearly they did not bug test anything for this game. So until they release a patch or something that fixes all of these issues i'm not playing this game EVER AGAIN. So to quote The Coon SCREW YOU GUYS I'M GOING TO PLAY A BUG FREE NINTENDO SWITCH GAME.