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05-27-2018, 06:28 AM
To whom it may concern,

Despite reading that you do not take on unsolicited ideas, I can no longer help myself. Let me first state (to make everyone comfortable) that I have no claim or want any monetary compensation for any and all ideas and concepts I present below Ė as stated in your policy. If you happen to like or use any of my ideas, I would simply be honoured and excited as a humble gamer; one who has played every AC game and loves the series.

So, Assassinís Creed in Japan. I know, I know! You seem to hate the idea for some reason, despite your fans desperately wanting it. Look at any YouTube video on future AC titles and majority will have Japan in their top five locations.
I hope to convince you to change your mind with these four reasons/ideas:

1. Time Period
Iím not sure the exact reason for your hesitancy towards a Japan AC, but I suppose that time period has something to do with it. Iím guessing you believe Japan, as a location, has been overused, especially the Edo period. However, there are at least eight viable eras of Japan that would accurately fit in the AC timeline (occur after AC Origins). The Asuka, Nara, Heian, Kamakura, Nanboku-cho, Muromachi, Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo Periods are all fraught with wars and conflicts suitable for an assassin. In fact, the end of the Heian era as well as the Muromachi and Azuchi-Momoyama eras were considerably bloodier, because the samurai, Emperor and clans were constant fighting for control of the country.

2. Samurai and Ninja
Iím sure this is another reason you donít want to do AC Japan due to the overuse of these two ďtropesĒ. But therein lies the creative opportunity. The ninja werenít all black clad sneaky killers Ė usually they were dressed in normal clothing and worked as simple spies. The samurai werenít always noble warriors, in fact the average person saw them as bullies. This also opens a key customization aspect: before you begin the game, you must choose which side you fight for, either samurai vs ninja or one clan vs another clan, and you don't know if you've been fighting for the Assassins or the Templars until the end of the game.

3. RPG Customization
Due to the nature of AC Origins and a lot of the RPG elements introduced, the next step in customization seems a natural step. As a gamer, I canít explain to you how satisfying it is in designing your own character. I know for me, it creates an increased personal experience to my gaming. Most gamers Iíve spoken to love it because it feels like they have a choice; an impact on the game. Being able to make your own character, able to choose their height, face, hair and clothing (which was disappointingly removed from AC Origins) would add so much to the franchise.

The one aspect I desperately hope for is the ability to choose genders. As a female gamer, it is absolutely hair-pullingly frustrating to have played ten main series games without a single female. Yes, Evie was in Syndicate, but even then, she shared screen time with Jacob. Yes, we had Aya for two seconds in Origins, Aveline in Liberation and Shao in Chronicles, but even then, theyíre offshoots; as if you donít believe a woman can hold up an entire main series game alone. There are so many legendary women warriors and leaders of Japan including Nakano Takeko, Tomoe Gozen and Hojo Masako.

Returning to the possibility of choosing either samurai or ninja at the beginning of the game, this opens up fun possibilities with the Skill Tree. The player either picks samurai or ninja and starts the game that way. Something happens to start the hero on their journey as an assassin, but their prior knowledge as either samurai or ninja affects their career as an assassin. Strength abilities on the tree could cost less ability points for someone who started off as a samurai and stealth abilities could cost lest for a ninja Ė some can only be accessed by either samurai or ninja (like Syndicateís Skill Tree). The samurai and ninja possess different and specific fighting styles and weapons. Both can use katana, but samurai can use wakizashi, odachi, naginata, spears and bow and arrows. Ninja use shuriken and kunai, kusarigama, makibishi, blowdarts, poisons and smoke bombs.

4. Location Versatility
I think Japan would be the perfect spot for an AC title due to its location. Japan is relatively small meaning the map could be incredibly detailed and accurate. The climate varies so much. Thereís the tropics in the south islands, the temperate centre islands with mountains and forests, and the frozen north islands with huge flat grass plains in summer and heavy snowfall in winter. You also have volcanos, earthquakes and hot springs to explore. Full weather phenomena could be part of the game like the sandstorms in AC Origins. Earthquakes, rain, wind, snow, clouds, clear skies, hot sun Ė all occur within the country. Japan is an island archipelago meaning naval combat is very possible. It has plenty of large cities and small villages but is still wild - even today, around 70% of its land is uninhabited due to its rugged terrain. There are plenty of wildlife to increase danger or engage in hunting, including bears, wolves, giant hornets, vipers, wild boars, snow monkeys, foxes and deer.

I hope Iíve swayed your thoughts on a Japan AC just a little bit, as I truly believe, if the time is taken to get it right, it could be one of the most beautiful locations you could possibly choose.

Thanks for your time!

05-28-2018, 01:14 AM
Hello and welcome to the Forums, RadicalSarah56.

Sharing which location and time period you'd love to see in a future Assassin's Creed game is more feedback than solicitation. There are many other AC fans who have a similar view to yours. ;)

Thanks for letting us know what you're interested in!

05-28-2018, 05:42 PM
For all Ubi may not take unsolicited ideas, they do keep any eye on here, so type away!