View Full Version : Serious issues in Arcade Editor after Ubisoft upgrade.

05-26-2018, 11:39 PM
Been working on two maps in the Arcade Editor that I want to publish.

First issue:
After last upgrade from Ubisoft, I can't open the Editor the normal way. The menu that askes you if you want to start a new map or download a saved one, wont appear. Only if i start the FC5 and then go to the editor i can start up the editor by doing this choise.

Second issue:
I can't "save map as" anymoore, just "save map". Since the map name is a "working title" i don't want to use on the published map, that's a problem as well as I can't save different vertions of the map as i progress.

Third issue:
If i try to go into the "publish" menu, all menues turns darker and the Editor freezes. Can't continue doing anything except pressing <ESC>button. This also happends if i for instance tries to edit the captured photo. If i try to do anything more, it totally freeses and i have to quit the editor.

There are also other issues, not that important, but it all started screwing up after the last upgrade from Ubisoft.

Anyone else with these issues, and is it anyone that please can help me solve this?

Best regards RikeiMe