View Full Version : Let's Talk About Gladiator and Shinobi

05-26-2018, 01:29 AM
The two of them are infinitely more irritating to fight than either of them have any logical right to be. Warden is annoying as Hell to go up against, sure, but Gladiator and Shinobi are in a league all their own in that aspect. Whether you're getting feinted into oblivion by a Tarantula's obnoxiously quick Lights, or having to chase down a Discount Scorpion, only to be "baited" into an unlisted "combo" that that the bugger is only able to pull off because no one thought to restrict such a specific Exploit, it's all equally moronic.

I am honestly surprised that almost no one brings up Gladiator. And I don't see Ubisoft touching Shinobi anytime soon. Obviously part of the problem is that barely anyone plays either Hero, so the average player doesn't usually get a taste of that undiluted digital garbage. Yeah, it may not be unbalanced, per se, but the lot of it is utterly obnoxious and offensive to the senses.