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05-25-2018, 04:08 PM
Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

New Conversation Topics (Over 50!)

General Update

When is E3?
Where can I watch E3?
When is the Ubisoft conference? (works also with other studio’s conference)
What are the goodies at Ubisoft booth?
How much time before E3 start?
Where can I eat at E3?
What are the best place around the Los Angeles convention center?
Do you like E3?
Do you have any E3 insights?
How much does a E3 ticket cost?
How do I register for E3?
What should I bring to E3?
Where can I pick up my E3 Badge?
Where to park at E3?
What is E3 dresscode?
What is the Star player program?
How can I become a Star player?
Where does the Ubisoft press conference take place?
Will Aisha Tyler be at E3?
What is EA play?
What are the E3 exhibit floor hour?
How to pause a multiplayer game?
Do you know anything about the waltmart leak?
Easter eggs: Look on Twitter - it’s all about cats!

Rainbow Six

Do you know Siege.gg? (Thanks Dylan- @Siege_TV!)
Give me some Pro League Season 7 stats!
Who are the most picked operators of season 7 Pro League?
Who are the Pro League season 7 top players?
Tell me more about the 2018 Chibis!
Tell me more about the Lord Tachanka bundle!
Show me the megamind Mute video!
Show me the Para bellum trailer!

Far Cry 5

Give me the Far Cry 5 DLC trailer!
What is the most used weapon in Far Cry 5?

Bug Fixes

Minor bug fixes

Ubisoft Club Team