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05-25-2018, 01:44 AM
I have held off leaving this game as season 6 shows promise. I also never thought I would make a " Goodbye you will miss me" type post in this or any game to be honest lol.

But with how much I like this game and the potential it has I feel I am going to join the ranks of players leaving and the sad ranks of those who post about it.

Console game.
The speed of light attacks is too much on console. Even if you factor in getting used to the new Orochi the game has become what many feared...Call of Duty with swords.

The game has a great combat system, characters with mixups feints etc etc and all of that is rendered mute to the tapping of one button. On PC Orochi is strong and in a good place as he should be,on console he is OP (I hate to use that term especially about my beloved roach) and worse still he is cheap. When I play my Orochi I am forced to spam against other Orochi to complete and latency etc often decides who wins.
The other characters I play are also pointless, I get hit in my start up for most things, there is no point feinting etc because you eat a light attack.
Ubisoft does not appear to understand the differences between console and PC and thus all the console players who keep this game afloat are getting a poor version of the game where timings and speed are often times ridiculous and frustrating. The console version is call of duty with swords now. Had the game been this from the start I would either not of purchased it or at least take it for what it was.

This light spam meta on console is in my mind and that of many others game breaking. There is no point in practice to learn and improve a character when it is all pointless due to someone tapping one button.

Now the light spam meta on console could be written off as an error if Ubisoft cared to see what has happened and listened to feedback...or picked up a PS4 controller and went online, then announced they are aware of the problems and are going to fix it ASAP. However Ubisoft has done nothing of the sort preferring to ignore it in hopes it goes away, it won't only the player base will.
I have invested many hours and money into this game and did not want to leave let alone make a post like this, which no doubt will be met with git gud, cya etc which is to be expected as it's the internet. But if this post and others like it can get Ubisoft to fix or at least address the issue it's worth it.

One customer who leaves is nothing of course, until you factor in that customer telling others and they in turn telling others.
So please if the console light spam meta has got to you please let it be known. Also Ubisoft if you simply said we are aware of the issue and then took into account the difference between console and PC and made the right adjustments you would win over the player base in a second.

Anyway to those who like the light spam meta continue to enjoy it,this post is not about you nor telling you to leave or not enjoy.


05-25-2018, 02:28 AM
yea i would never attempt this game on console. i think its really meant to be played on pc. even on pc the light spam is sometimes hard. aramusha was the first... try it out on pc before you go for good!

05-25-2018, 06:56 AM
Not going to try on PC. I have spent many hours and way too much on steel crates as it is and to have to start again..nope. Also there is no reply from Ubisoft to any of the forum posts about the console problems so I won't be giving the company any more of my money. Sad that if Ubisoft just admitted there is a problem and said they are fixing it I and many others would of stayed.