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05-25-2018, 01:36 AM
[SIZE=3]So, there's this martial art that has interested me for a while. It's called kalarippayattu and it originated in southern India in Kerala.


It's the oldest martial arts in existence (I'm not gonna argue with practitioners and teachers who know more than me; it's strongly, surely the oldest formal style) and it made me think about the fighting we saw in the pre-alpha footage. I'm always down for some classic bojutsu; staves for life! But I'm curious about other martial arts styles that the devs will implement in the game. China and India have colonised the system, so I'm assuming we'll see some Xaolin kung fu? Wing chun? Hung gar?

Maybe we'll see futuristic interpretations of classic weapons. I personally would absolutely love to see a chakram make its way into the weapons options for this game. In the video is shown a weapon of kalarippayattu called the urumi which is awesome and could easily be inspiration for some futuristic weapon.