View Full Version : UBI, there find some ideas for a Valk Rework/Balancing - Waiting for love :)

05-24-2018, 04:05 PM
I know there are already many topics like this but i want to keep going about it to be sure my pretty Valk is not going to be forgotten ^^

So i think almost everyone agree she is in trouble for a while now.. so there are my suggestions :

1/ More DMG on Heavy, like 5 More
2/ Better recovery time on a missed sweep
3/ Better shield bash follow up ? As a guaranteed light on the standing one and a second one on the fall down one ?
6/ A USEFULL ZONE ! One looking like Aramusha one would be nice - First hit fast but low dmg and second unblocable with like 30 dmg but feintable (It would help a lot to open turtle !)

Last thing.. a lot of ppl talk about many new chains for her but i don't believe it would be a good idea as i think it would broke her current gameplay style.. so maybe only a Light - Heavy chain ?
But in this case no possible sweep but only to feint this Heavy for light/GB ect ?
Sounds good and it would let Valk beeing still competitive against good ppl which often parry second light.

In my opinion the most important things in that would be the Hv DMG changes and the new zone.

With all of these things she would be a lovely char to play ;)

And one question for you UBI, could we have an information arround when changes are coming for her ?
Because i believe something is coming as you said the team was working on many times while saying nothing is plan for Char like Cent, Shino, Shugo etc when people asked about them.