View Full Version : My roller coaster testimony with Just Dance

05-23-2018, 07:07 PM
If I had a penny for every time a non-vip complained about spending coins too fast on songs, I would have enough of a nest egg to develop my own, functioning Just Dance game. I bring up those complaints because it helps keep the game in an almost unusable state for most people when VIP is so cheap and there are more glaring foundational issues with controller recognition.

I started out with JD Now having had no prior interest in the franchise. I loved it and still do. A short time later I find that motion tracking with phones, at least with regards to my budget smartphone that includes only a accelarometer and no gyroscope, is highly suspect when you can barely 2-star a song in the same room with newbies killing the same song with 4-5 stars every time. It would make sense if tracking is improved with a gyroscope, but there is no documentation I can find that says JD scores benefit from gyroscope data.

Frustrated with this, I bought a used Xbox360 with Kinect (version 1) and Just Dance 2018. Tracking was darn good as I had heard it was with Kinect camera. Too bad I wasn't eligible for a Unlimited subscription with that particular version of the game. Overall, the Xbox360 experience was so bad that I just turned around and sold these to soften the blow.

I fall back on JD Now with Chromecast and for whatever reason the tracking wasn't as bad as I remember it, that is, until I am reminded through "Sayonara" ported from JD2018. If it was only me that finds it impossible to get a high score on some songs then I would think I need a faster and fuller featured smartphone but I see every other player struggling to get even 1-2 stars at times on, like I said, some songs and these are obviously not newbies.

As a last ditch effort to find some satisfaction, I bought JD2017 for PC through Steam which on the surface is very attractive with 3-month JDU subscription just like the newer console versions. Controller app for PC and console is clearly better optimized and tracks decently with phone but still fails to register perfect movements most of the time. I was happy with this despite the misses until the game started unlinking my phone (I tried 2 different phones) at a fever pitch. I forwarded the proper ports per Ubisoft's guidelines to see if that was the issue, and no, it makes zero difference. I promptly asked for a refund.

To the Ubisoft developers who work on this franchise: Please, for everyone like me who has been so patient, use the Ubisoft Twitter (if nothing else) to explain why tracking is great for some and not for others. Be honest if the game needs a gyroscope and/or a faster phone for the best mobile experience across all applicable platforms.