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05-22-2018, 12:28 PM
What is 2-Step Verification?

For those who don’t know, 2-Step Verification (also known as 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA) is an optional system in which you can add an extra layer of security to your account by taking advantage of components that are unique to oneself. This can come in a few forms from an e-mail to text messages or in our case an authenticator app for your smartphone. When logging into your Ubisoft account you will be asked to provide a unique code that is randomly generated once every 30 seconds via an application on your phone. What this means is that should someone ever manage to get hold of your account information and try to access your account with it, they will be asked for this code too and without your phone, they’re not going to have it.

Securing your Ubisoft Account with 2-Step Verification

If you’d like to enable 2-Step Verification you can follow the instructions below:

Go to the Ubisoft Account website, log in with your account details and navigate to Security Settings. Click on Activate 2-Step Verification. This will be send an email to the email currently associated with your Ubisoft account.


Follow the steps in the email.


Click on the Get Started button.


Download the Google Authenticator app for your smartphone. Please note that Google Authenticator only available on iOS and Android.


After downloading the Google Authenticator, open it and select Set up account from the option menu and chose your preferred method.


After setting up your device, enter the code generated by the app to complete the synchronisation.


Take note of your recovery codes and click Finish. These codes will be used should your authenticator desynchronise or should you lose your phone and need to re-download the app.


Confirm that your 2-Step Verification is enabled.


How do I disable 2-Step Verification?

You can deactivate 2-Step Verification by clicking this link or by clicking the Manage button in the Uplay PC client under Account Information.


Once you have logged in, select Deactivate Two-Step Verification.


You will be asked to confirm if you wish to disable 2-Step Verification. Select Yes.


2-Step Verification will now be deactivated.

If you have any issue deactivating two-step verification, feel free to contact us! (https://support.ubi.com)

09-05-2018, 08:41 PM
So I have this problem that I don't know exactly HOW to apply an 2FA for R6 with an Steam Account linked to it, so I did go onto the Uplay Launcher and clicked on the Manage Account Settings Button but then comes this on top of the website "For Your security you'll always be asked to log in into your Ubisoft Account" and I can't get around that cuz I don't know my Email and Password to log in so I can't do the 2FA in my Account for R6 :nonchalance:

09-05-2018, 09:23 PM
So I enabled 2 step verification. How long till I get the uniform for Thermite?

09-06-2018, 01:53 AM
I haven’t got it yet

09-06-2018, 03:56 AM
What if some people that plays rank more doesn't have a smart phone or his/her phone is broken
will those people will really cant play rank anymore? that's a bummer
I have no phone right now I don't know when I'm gonna get it can you guys at least do something about it
because I'm really into rank and rank game is more fun than casual
please at least make a verification like in steam does where you need
to verify using your email. please do it for the people that doesn't have a phone. :( :(

if you have chrome then you can use
Authenticator from the Chrome Web Store

of if you dont then just search up desktop subsitute for google authenticator! hope this helps -solar

09-06-2018, 07:56 AM
Io ho fatto tutti i passaggi correttamente e ho abilitato la verifica in 2 passaggi, però non ho ancora ricevuto la skin

09-06-2018, 04:52 PM
when ill get R6 thermite uniform?

09-08-2018, 06:27 PM
When do I get the thermite skin?

09-10-2018, 05:47 AM
When do I get the skin?

09-10-2018, 06:31 AM
when do i get the skin in rainbow siege 6 have linked accounts to amazon etc, to get free downloads but nothing showing up please reply

x Kolyana x
10-18-2018, 10:39 PM
I agree with two-step authentication, but you guys have to sort out how it behaves when a GAME ius prompting the login. For example, I fired up Origins a month or so ago on my steam link, and the prompt to login to ubi appeared ... but then the game doesn't know what to do with double authentication, so ti just fails and fails and fails.

So I tried logging in on my PC first, and the google authentication gave 1 number, and your authentication would continually say it was wrong.

You have some serious kinks that need to be worked out if you want people to use it and remain secure, otherwise you are just enabling a lack of security by ensuring it doesn't work properly.

11-01-2018, 06:08 PM
I try to get my account work after my niece play my computer and accidentally made my account block.So I remember my username and password,and already got a 2 step verification. but i don't know how to get it work again.

11-28-2018, 07:59 PM
I know this is one of the best secure proceess to login, i am already using for gmail accounts. Now i have installed the google authenticator plugin on chrome. Now i can play games securely on nox (https://bignoxdownload.com)from windows 10. Thank you ubi, you have done great job.

11-28-2018, 11:38 PM
Do you also get the Thermite skin if you already had your UPlay 2FA activated before this?

12-01-2018, 06:30 AM
i have a small but very important question that came up because the first games already starting to becoem atleats partially locked away for users without 2 way authentification:

what do the people do that cant activate the 2 way authentification because they dotn ahve a smartphone and dont have the money to buy a smartphone?