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05-22-2018, 03:46 AM
Since Ubisoft is reworking a bunch of things year can we get a revenge work and parry rework?

In the revenge department can we have revenge be useful again? Its in a pathetic state right now, it doesn't do anything except let you get smashed one or two more times.
My suggestion are as followed:
1.) Immune to crowd control like Shugoki death hug, Conqueror shield bash, Lawbringers long arm anything that forces a dodge reaction. Reasoning for this is to allow the poor fool being ganked on to have a fighting chance since hes already out numbered, it's hard to evade all of that when when there's three others attacking and gb spamming you.
2.) Make unblockables become blockable but now they do increased damage to people in revenge not a staggering amount maybe 5 or 10% more damage since it's not guaranteed damage anymore.
3.) Popping revenge has a bigger window auto parry and knocks EVERYONE down (rock steady will not save you anymore)
4.) Increase defence more, I'm not sure by how much but not like it was in season one where Lawbringers we're practically immune to all damage, Lower the damage you do by 7%.
5.) Revenge attacks bypass and cancel out hyper armor. If to people have revenge and are fighting each other revenge will behave as if they didn't have revenge going (it still affects those who don't have revenge going.)
Bonus, blocking external player will counter gurad break automatically. (Maybe too much)

The parry suggestions is much shorter don't worry.
Change it so that you get the big parry punishes off of attack that are quick and not whether they are lights or heavies.
Highlanders won't constantly eat top heavies for throwing out a light attack, and Wardens, PKs and orochi will eat top heavies for spamming zones, (Warden main here)
Berserker and shaman should get a big punish if the very first attack of their zone is punished not the follow up attacks.

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