View Full Version : New vanguards for year 2?

05-21-2018, 11:47 PM
I really think that Ubisoft should do new vanguards every year. This will keep the vanguard roster a bit more active and popular, plus itís really cool to get new heroes. But these should be a big deal when they arrive into the game.
I have a few suggestions for new vanguards if Ubisoft responds and decides to listen to me.
Knights should get a male/female swordfighter, it could be a rapier and a small shield, or a broad shield with a short sword, kinda like warlord but the play style of this character would be fast. As for the name it should be Horseman. Or cavalry.
As for the Vikings I suggest a female only character with a huge scythe. Not as a grim reaper scythe. But similar. It should have great range and I suggest it has a play style that encourages parrying and blocking. There should be a hero specific whereas if you parry someone, you swing their weapon into the ground but the weapon should remain in the enemies hands. But the effects duration lasts more time than any other character because their weapon gets stuck in the ground. You could maybe make an animation for each character pulling their weapon out of the ground? The name would be Lifetaker or Reaper. As for the samurai I suggest a medium-armored warrior who has really long claws. Like wolverine, except longer claws. They wouldnít be similar to an assassin. Itís supposed to be kind of a hit and run type of play style. There should be a hero specific called wolfs howl whereas if you land any type of moving attack (sprint attack, dodge attack , ETC.) you gain a buff to your speed. But not too much. And it stacks up to 5 times.
The name would be shenskai or something , Iím really bad at Chinese names so leave some names down below. Anyway thatís all of my suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Also if Ubisoft sees this and responds that would be awesome. If you like what you see please do your best to get this to Ubisoft. Btw the characters can be something different if these ones donít really appeal to your thoughts. But regardless, they should really make new vanguards a yearly thing.