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05-21-2018, 04:33 PM
Hi everyone!

Here on behalf of the Mentors Guild to announce some community initiatives. We hope these activities will lead to more and better communication between the fans and the developers. The Mentors will work hard to deliver your feedback directly to the development team.

The best way to get your voice heard is to be active and constructive with your feedback. So don't be shy - feel free to approach us on the forums, Twitter (https://twitter.com/MentorsGuild), the AC subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/assassinscreed/) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/mentorsguild/), give us your thoughts and engage in discussions with other fans. https://static5.cdn.ubi.com/u/ubiforums/20130918.419/images/smilies/smile.png

New Community InitiativesWith the Mentors Guild now well established after its first year, we’ve decided we need to create new activities that allow fans' voices to be heard directly, as well as cement celebration of community achievement. With this in mind, we’re announcing 3 weekly Community activities. Some of you might not be familiar with the Mentors Guild, so look below for a brief explanation. If you are familiar with the Mentors Guild, feel free to skip ahead to “Community Activities Details”.

What is the Mentors Guild?The Mentors Guild is a collection of Assassin’s Creed Community leaders, ranging in skillsets and areas of expertise. Members include cosplayers, artists, content creators, opinion leaders, and fan site administrators. The Mentors Guild was initiated by Ubisoft, spearheaded by Assassin's Creed Community Development team, and its members are hand chosen by Ubisoft. The Mentors Guild’s main purposes are to connect disparate community members together, assist in grass-roots community initiatives, and act as a bridge of communication between the developers and the fans for both criticism and praise.
Our current Members include:Sary - Access The Animus Adminstrator
Master Sima Yi - Assassin’s Creed Wiki Head Administrator
Kulpreet Virdi - Cosplayer and Reporter
Fae (Chariflame) - Cosplayer and Artist
Sam Skyler Art - Artist and Cosplayer
Alex Vitelli (SithintheNorth) - Cosplayer and Reporter
Dylan (Turul) - Assassin’s Creed Reddit Moderator
SixKeys - Veteran Ubisoft Forum Contributor

Meg Kaylee (Formerly SinfullyRiddling) - Twitch Streamer

Community Initiatives DetailsMondays: Community DiscussionEvery Monday will feature a new and specific topic of conversation for the community to participate in. These topics will be decided by the Mentors Guild but are designed to capture topical news or community sentiments. Separate threads will be posted to the Assassin's Creed Subreddit as well as the Official Ubisoft Forums. The resulting conversation will be shared directly with the Assassin’s Creed Community Development team.

Wednesdays: Community ShowcaseWhile the Community Showcase is a community activity that is already ongoing (on our Twitter: https://twitter.com/MentorsGuild), we’d like to make it a more permanent staple of the Mentors Guild, and will add a new entry every Wednesday.

Fridays: Community PollsCommunity Polls will serve as quick and easy ways to gauge current community sentiments on a specific topic. The results of these polls will be shared directly with the Community Development Team.

We Want You to be HeardWhile the Mentors get opportunities to speak directly with the creators of Assassin’s Creed and frequently communicate with the Community Development Team, this is not the case for every fan. We want to change that. We want fans to have their voices heard directly, in the same ways the Mentors do. These activities are a step towards meeting this goal.
The best way to ensure your voice is heard is to be constructive - be critical of the process, not the people. Be specific with your criticisms and suggest tangible solutions and improvements. We hope you participate and we hope this is a successful way of getting the fans’ voices truly heard. Thank you!

-The Mentors Guild

05-24-2018, 08:01 AM
Can you please do a discussion/poll about multiplayer and bringing it back?