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05-21-2018, 04:00 PM
Since the New Update my Kda Dropped drastically with the New Orochi.. Rep 38 now.
I did much more better with my Old Orochi than this Naruto Ninja Crap...

He used to have a limited kit yes. but his Damage was waaaay more Better. Storm rush into Toplight did 53 damage. . First you removed maxed punish for stormrush mini stun into toplight v.s vanguards with huuuge guard recovery.. Now you Completely
deleted Storm rush toplight combo..
for what ?
Right, Stormrush 20 damage and changable directions ( If you manage to land of course lol) dont make me laugh man.
even Toplight alone did 33 .. but you nerfed it :/ we orochi mains were like, ok ; "Daddy Ubisoft will make a huge suprise for us Orochi sufferers"
ahahahah All you did was give him MORE SPAMM SPAMM LIGHTS Kids like ; "YEAAY!!!" Mastered Orochi Loyal Players Like ; More Parry Parry Me.

Now you have to spamm 4x lights ( 4x risk to get parried) to fill the original damage output .
wow Goood trick ... :/ for what cost ? Ahh yessss Orochi can do kung fu skills...
this Kinda reminds me of Bullshido martial art, Looks nice but 0 impact

From Precise Assassin My Beloved Main Became a disgusting Naruto Ninja.
I thank you for your Effort. Honestly you made kids Happy !!

You dindt just reduce his Damage but also the the amount of Stamina usage which is risky cuz Now Orochi is throwing Lights with laughable damage Blindly, wating to get parried or turtled to death . He seems op for now, but after a while people will realize how easy it is to read Orochi.. you will understand what i mean. just wait !!!

Orochi has a huge spamm Kit;

But ,What is a huge kit good for if you get out of stamina After 1 feint and so many Blocks by Turtles ?

and his Zone is not as safe as it was befor... you get alot more Parried for somereason. and once youre Parried by 50 50 Users ( Stamina suckin infinite spamm skills) goodluck buddy !! xD
Oos Assassines are screwed after the dodge recovery Nerf. yeah it was necessarry but why delay GBC And Attack and Block>Parry aswell after backdodge ? i dont understand.... I used to block or even parry right after Backdodge or forward dodge ... but now... its nearly impossible... See you change things but you never let your Players know...

New Stormrush ... :/ is so bad.
1. Animation is much more longer. i think he gets more closer now to the opponent :D just throw something befor orochi hit you... wow....
2. it can be canceled by any attack which happens most of the time especially v.s Range heroes.
3. Its a heavy attack skill ( 20 damage lol) despite charging from Huge distance :/ so much charge distance for silly 20 damage ? and its damage is Light ?? ok.. :/
4. No more toplight guaranteed. ok.... :/
5. No more Stormrush into Gb ok......
6. you have to press The exact time in order to activate the skill. if you delay heavy attack (to activate stormrush) its failed.
Now he is like a Barbie doll with only 1 Purpose.. Look Nice.

And People still complain about himmm.. Being OP....

are you serious ?

Let him dance around you with those " COme parry me for 40+ damage heavy Trade" Lights. and there you go.. 40% of his HP is gone. just because His 17 damage light was Parried.. :/

You know what makes me the most upset ? you dominate your Oppopnents with your maximum focus and Efforts you open him up.. But at the end he parries your bee sting lights for 4x damage punish ( heavy trade)... and in addition you ran out of stamina... get max punished for no fkn effort for the opponent.

I am Tired man... really , i really hoped that Orochi woud be a decent Hero.. all he needes was a reworked Riptide
Faster sidelights and maybe faster zephyr strike. that was all man YOU LITERALLY DESTROYED MY JOY.
and i promised to myself I will Delete after another stupid move of Ubisoft There you go... 900 hOurs of gameplay for this ?

thank you for the Great Time But have to leave you sadly. I get more salty than i actually enjoy the game :/
It is not hard to crush an Opponent with Op heross my kda with a berserker and a god damn Pk is much more higher....
but when it comes to Orochi people complain complain complain for him to be Op now...

its the opposite.. Orochi became trash !

05-21-2018, 05:12 PM
Haha I love how it's getting so much negative. At first it was fun. It was different, now I'm like no thanks

05-21-2018, 05:45 PM
Adapt. He is far better now.

05-21-2018, 06:48 PM
Stopped reading after "Storm rush into Toplight did 53 damage. Toplight alone did 33 damage.". That bs was way too strong and had to be nerfed.

05-22-2018, 04:28 AM
Stopped reading after "Storm rush into Toplight did 53 damage. Toplight alone did 33 damage.". That bs was way too strong and had to be nerfed.

Nah. Highly telegraphed and only worked to punish extremely high recovery moves that were whiffed from range.

It hurt, yes, but you had to derp pretty badly to get hit by it in the first place. There are situations in the game right now that result in bigger damage from lesser derps.

05-22-2018, 05:40 AM
Rep 38 orochi, I too feel like the rework is lacking. The side lights being sped up is a plus. However I don't like what they did with riptide. I felt like the option to change directions and cancel storm rush at any point should have been part of his set to begin with just never made sense to me how someone wouldn't be able to do that.

I think that the orochi needs some kind of an opener to help combat against turtles like lawbringers block shove combo etc. It's obvious that the classes with openers have an upper hand and often have set ups for free damage by them or friendlys.

I think people would be upset with this however I also feel like it would make sense if every class had an opener of some sort. It would make things a lot more interesting and there would be a lot let emote spamming turtles only looking for free damage. Besides who wouldn't be able to do a punch or kick like the Cent to open someone up. Seems very odd that only certain classes have this simple action that majority of people can do.

05-22-2018, 04:09 PM
does it seem like the orochi's guard is briefly disabled for a short time during guard change. i have been through all the characters and when they change guard the indicator immediately turns white. but with the orochi it flashes black for a short time then white. i have also noticed that my opponents are striking what feels like is through the guard when i have the analog stick well into position before the attack connects. my orochi is rep 33 so i don't think its lack of skill. maybe someone else can look into it and tell me if I'm crazy or not.