View Full Version : Same-side Blocking w/ Mouse Continously w/ Assassin

05-19-2018, 07:40 PM
I'm looking for some tips for blocking on the same zone over and over again as an assassin character when using a mouse. It seems I have to either eventually fall off my mousepad or readjust real quick by lifting the mouse (lost time) or even worse move my hand in another direction real quick so I can go back in that direction (?more? lost time due to frame for block).

I'm trying to figure it out as I've tried using controller (too many things for right-thumb to do) as well as a Razer Orbweaver (too many things for my derpy left-hand to do between movement, dash, sprint, zone, and execution) ... I seem best with mouse but I'm aware that I'm having this one issue ... thus here I am looking for tips.

Also, side-note ... looking for a fight-club or two/three/four/etc. :-)