View Full Version : Wtf ubisoft? Unfairness

05-19-2018, 04:47 AM
Hello ubisoft? What unfairness are these? I was playing orochi, centurion and aramusha and why the hell those other players have advantage over me? Like for example as a centurion the charged punch that should push other players to the ground should not be pushed the time they activate revenge mode. But why does every ****in time i am punched while activating revenge mode i got thrown to the ground??? Another one, while on revenge mode you got like a semi hyper armor right? Other players when ganked seems to still attack and no reflex guard is applied, but why the hell am i having reflex guard while being ganked? It's like my characters just masterbates there while waiting to die. That happens always and i have not seen one on other players. Third, consoles have so much input delays even if i run on a 4k HDR smart tv with a 100mbps optic fibr connection. Is it that the ps4 phat the reason and should upgrades to ps4 pro? Even if before that attack hits you and your analog stick is already on the direction of the attack your characters seems like have a ******ed brain and will analyze the attack for 5 secs where the attack is coming. I noticed that when you input a direction from one direction to the direction of the attack it doesn't register and still get hit. Fourth, zone attack is a big joke. Zone attacks now are high reward high risk moves. When it registers, then congratulations, if it doesn't then wait for 15 secs to be revived. Fifth, when an enemy player attacks you on your back. The indicator where it will attack vibrates like a vibrator so even if you timed the attack from right it will wiggle to left and back to right very fast. Please fix this. Sixth, please ubisoft if you're gonna do a rework PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try them out first before releasing it in public. You are getting paid to work so please do not be lazy. Seventh, lag compensation where are you? You know have lag compensation works now? The screen stops for a bit and then it jumps to the next frame rate. Lag didn't get fixed. I can go and go and go how bad this game is but let's stop right here. For honor is a good idea. Character designs are good but gameplay is very very bad. Like ubisoft doesn't always do it right? For honor will have potential on a good developers hands.

05-19-2018, 08:17 PM
I have the same problems on console recently especially. My input doesnt register and it happens a lot.