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05-19-2018, 03:50 AM
I have some ideas for the game and maybe developers can create real franchise from it:
- need to call it "Primal" (without Far Cry)
- two perspectives of view: form behind and from the eyes, where you can see yourown body
- effects of lights and darkness should be like in real for hardcore and beautiful views of nature (this is important). Also it will be awesome if will be good graphics and level design
- Jeremy Soule can be a good composer for ambient music
- behavior of creatures must be different, like in real life. They should have their own homes (caves, holes and etc), territory and etc, so player can see real life of animals
- weather must be different too: with rain, mist, sleet, snow or even tornado - this is inportant for survival, because if will be snow, then need bonfire, if rain then need dry clothes or you can get sick or die and etc. Also can be seasons if it's possible.
- food must play a big part in the game, since good food have good effects and bad food - bad effects. Water needed too or character will be very slow
- should be potions or combination of ingredients, which makes character stonger, faster, can see in the dark and etc.
- custom characters for players with face, type of body (attack, speed or can be more time without food) and etc in the beginning, and you can add warpaint, tattoos, change haircut and etc in every time in the game (if you have materials). Also people in his village (if player chief) will be have same stuly as player. If player betrayed the village then people can take other style.
- many types of cloth with classes: heavy (good for cold weather, but bad for rain and its slow but have good defense), light (for hunt, have normal defense, can protect from snow for sometime) and nothing (just some bags and weapons on ropes, it have good speed for fast hunt, but 0 defense and very bad in cold weather).
- knowledge of materials and items usage must be wide. For example for bonefire you need to place rocks, then add branches or kindling or dry grass, after you need to add small sticks or wood shavings and only after it you can create normal campfire with woods. Same for racks, beds, houses, potions and etc. Every construction should't be useless. For example, fence can protect village from small animals, with tanning rack player can create better cloth and matirials, with good fairplace player can make real good food and etc. Do not forget about sacks, pots, water collectors (if village or camp is not near river) and etc, where player can storage his items (this is important)
- weapons must have style of battle and unique specifications (if it's possible).
- villages have their own status of player (enemy, stranger, villager or chief), territory, resourses (which player can take or steal), guards/hunters, masters (which makes village special with weapons, clothes or hunt style) and etc

- in the beginning player can make only simple bed form skins and grass, build campfire and create simple weapons. But with fire, special equipment and materials he can build good houses, weapons, potions and etc (player must see his progress)
- I like what player can learn something from his people - this is owesome
- character can climb on trees (to see location, hunt or for run from animals), mountains and big animals (for a ride or hunt)
- hunt must be near simulation of real hunt or like in Dragon's Dogma or Monster Hunter, so this part of gameplay will be even look awesome.
- weather can affect on player: if after rain will be cold weather with snow then player can be freeze to death, snow or rain can be used for resource of water. Nights can be cold too, so player can get a sick. To clear this effect you need to sleep at home or use cure. If night too cold then player can die.
- player can build his camp anywhere and destroy it too or pack up to change a place. You can see working system in this mod for skyrim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64798/ - also this camp can evolve to a settlement (i do not think what will be a problem with it). To change place of the village, need to build other camp and say to people to move on new place.
- people in the village shouldn't be stupid. They must protect themselves, be a good hunters, collect materials, food, water from their territory and use it to support their village. Also they must have their opinion on player's action. For example, if player try to move their village to a bad place, then he can lose his status of chief and people can even try to kill him if actions will be too bad. If it happen, then player can: 1.kill a guy, who trying to kill him, and move his willage (this is bad and people can die form diseases on new place or run), 2.Change decision (good, but ststus in willage will be little lower, 3.leave the village and create new one (also he can back if he will be protect villagers and live near them, and status of chief he can get back for special quests), so on the map will be different country and even can be a war between villages if their territories near each other. If one village win the war, then village of loser can be destoyed (will be common forest after a time like it was before) or they can use it as their own. As you can see, gameplay of the game can bould it's own story which can be forever.
- territory can take affect on food, materials, diseases and etc. So player should think before move his village
- I like puzzles in the game, but you can add something, there you can use nature. For example: ckick or chop tree to get on the other side, move big stone with a stick and you can get in hidden cave, use ropes (can created from grass) to make way shorter in next time or to get somewhere.
- The game already have totems, paintings, spirits and etc, but whey should have effects on players and village. Same must be for circlets, rings, necklaces and amulets.

I think, game should have many endings. For example, if player finished his village with happy people or if he founded special knowledge of spirits, or player killed every foe (bosses), or player somehow founded a way to make friendship with everyone. And also where can be a story lines with special characters.

Point of all this is to make the game, which you can play forever and everytime it will be awesome. But it should be without idiotic mechanics, for example where you must come to a tree, then press button and after you can climb on this tree. NO, player should feel freedom and everything should works smooth and fast. This means what player even can jump on a tree, while pressed special button, same for big animals - player should feel his gameplay.

PS: Sorry for english and mistakes. It's not my natural.

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