View Full Version : New Assassins Creed Comic Based on World War 2

05-18-2018, 07:36 PM
Asassin’s Creed Conspiracies, a new comic based on World War 2 era under the publisher Titan Comics. It is a two part mini-series released after the previously published Assassins Creed comic based on Origins.

Assassin’s Creed Conspiracies follows the story of Eddie Gorm, a new member of the Assassins Brotherhood who embarks on a mission to stop the Templars from unleashing an atomic weapon. Synopsis from the comic reads “In the depths of World War II, fresh Assassin Eddie Gorm uncovers Templar plans to create a devastating new weapon at the dawn of the atomic age.”


For more info - Assassins Creed Conspiracies (https://gamerdna.me/new-assassins-creed-comic-ww2/)