View Full Version : I just wanna help and take a survey.

05-17-2018, 07:38 PM
So the thing is ive got an e-mail twice now asking if i would wanna take a survey and both times i got like 1 stupid question and then its like "thats all the questions we have for you".

It sucks because i used to enjoy and play this game a lot and i just wanna give my feedback and maybe help shape the future of the game.

The last one the first question was: "Open-ended questions are optional and can be skipped" so i was like ok i will click disagree because i would try to answer every question not skipping them just because i am too lazy to type.
And like i said i cant go further into the survey, do you really rather get feedback from people willing to skip questions than people who wanna try to fill them all in.

Also disagree was spelled "disgree" just letting u know.

Reason i am salty is because i got 642 hours on this game and now i just do not want to play anymore, i really feel like u have butchered the balancing of this game into a state thats just bad.

I never used to rage quit or get toxic (I just dont see the point) but i really cant stand to play this game for longer than a match now.

It might have helped to feel like i get a saying into the developments of this game. (even if i really dont i know they just will do whatever they want.)

My friends were laughing at me months ago saying this game was dead already and had no future, but i said it wasnt and the game was really solid. Today i share their opinion.

RIP For Honor, u will be missed.