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05-18-2018, 12:46 AM
Yes it has not even been a day with the rework but seeing as how her new kit is implemented i feel compelled to post this.

The Problem with her has always been the lack of opener (outside of light spam and area {which are getting predictable btw}). Now she was classified as a counter-attacker which may play a part as to why that is but but doesn't do much to fix the situation. I would love to know how this rework was ever suppose to fix this problem. the only bleed from neutral is the cancel from a heavy but considering the nerfed deep gouge damage and nerfed heavy opener damage its easy its easy to assume that that heavy isn't going to be followed through anymore especially since somehow with those two nerfs the damn thing is still slow enough to be blocked off a guard-break. The finishers are welcome but the community has gotten enough practice from a feinted heavy into a top light from Raider and heavy into guard-break from Centurion so that was useless. The heavy dodge cancel looked useful but then you nerfed the dodger recovery making the only viable follow up being the dodge heavy which is predictable as all hell. Probably thought you were being clever recycling this move from the kensei or the berserker or something forgetting that PK cant start a chain like those two heroes can. I love how the 'bleed damage now stacks' only turned me on to finally having a reason to guard-break an enemy twice in a row for 6 rib stabs but guess which bleed damage doesn't stack on itself. You disguise this nerf as a rework but all you've done is weakened her, re-purposing much of her still useless kit and making what we used from her kit less effective. With the damage nerfs i expected some stamina compensation which admitted is there...BUT ONLY FOR THE ****ING HEAVY FINISHER WHICH NO ONE EVER FU***NG USES. Nothing for the openers u nuked damage-wise. You truly do not test the changes you make to your game at all outside of making sure you haven't crashed it.

And with all the damage nerfs to PK you BUFF the speed and damage to Orochi in addition to giving him new mix ups and making storm rush difficult to react to on console


05-18-2018, 04:48 AM
Yea, Orochi is the new PK. He's got the exact same speed as her (aside from the zone), except he's also got a double light. He also does more damage than all of PK's moveset; His lights, dash attacks, heavies, and zone all do more damage than PK.

On top of that, both of his deflect options outdamage her deflect. HIs basic light deflect outdamages her bleed deflect, and he's even got a heavy deflect for more damage as well.

He's got everything PK has, but more

05-18-2018, 05:12 AM
Agreed. What a joke...

05-18-2018, 07:41 AM

Nothing to add, exactly what I am thinking about this so called "rework". We can only hope they adjust her damage numbers soon. And give her more Chains maybe, like EVERY OTHER REWORK GOT!? Or maybe undodgeable property on something? Or a better Deflect? God, this rework has such a bitter taste as it was mostly a BUGFIX to her soft-feint in Chains and enabling her Dagger Cancel to at least be used somehow...

05-18-2018, 07:48 AM
I would really like to know why these devs think the bleed is a lot more useful than it actually is. trip stabs are situation, dodge deep gouge is also situational, heavy feint is still predictable.