View Full Version : Need help so to win an important event!!!

05-17-2018, 11:02 PM
Hi everyone,
I really need help immediately.
Right now, there is an event with Incan Craig and I really need to win that card since I had never won a legendary card before.
I'm in rank 22-23 and I struggled alot to go up in ranks and I really stuck plus I need to find a good deck so to win that event.

Please everyone, share with me your tips and your experience so to go up in ranks and win that event in order to win that legendary card.

I want to mention that the only cards that are level 3 in my deck are gunslinger Kyle, Bandita Sally, Phophet Doogie, Astronaut Butters and Deckhand Butters.
The other cards that I have are in level 1 and 2.
And I don't have any legendary cards plus I don't have Cupid Cartman and Dwarf King Clyde yet.