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05-17-2018, 09:11 PM
The following details are 100% true events that took place yesterday, May 16, 2018, in Chicago, from 3PM to approximately midnight...maybe a little later. There were no drugs or alcohol involved.

I began the Dreadful Crime yesterday around 3PM, Death Stalks a Colonel. During this time I started hearing a loud growling that sounded like a bear coming from what sounded like a nearby warehouse. Over the course of the next 10 minutes or so, while playing with Evie, things started getting very strange. The skies turned very dark and it began to storm violently. A few minutes later 2 giant storm gods appeared. I climbed a building but I couldnít move forward bc the storm put up an ĎanimusĒ sort of wall. Only one them had a face but it spoke. The other one just repeated something over and over. I tossed every weapon I had at it but this went on for 20 minutes.

After the storm left the AI started clapping and treating me like a hero and some of my Rook followers started to quickly appear places with her and insinuated they had died or had special powers after the storm left but one of the AI was scared because these storms had come through before.

The landscape was totally different. The city looked demolished. You could still move around but it was different. The map reflected this change in landscape too. Additionally, because of the storm, Evie had gained some extra abilities. In a bottom floor of a factory, Evie was going to attempt to reach through the floor and steal items from the room above while hanging from a pipe. The AI actually said that they bet that she couldnít do it. It took 10 minutes but using her invisibility (I was long pressing L3 and R3 then pulsing them off and on) she stole the mans keys that was standing above her and then pulled down a hard safety hat. The hard had looked pixelated and blocky. The assassins view had to be engaged for this to happen so she could see the man above her. When using her new powers outside, if you moved the camera to an angle to where you could see the sky just above Evieís head, you could see the eyes and mouth of the storm god shaped like pink clouds but definitely smiling.

Additionally while invisible with assassin view engaged she was able to put her head into objects and move through glass. These were not accidents or weird errors with the game I was attempting to see if she could pass through a grated window to the floor below. It was smooth gameplay.

Lastly, although I hadnít perfected it yet, I could have her move extremely fast while holding R2 and pressing the joysticks to make her invisible while standing. All of the really weird stuff happened when she was in a crouched/stealth position. They AI acted and reacted much more and both the AI and Evie had varying degrees of facial and body expressions. Happiness, frustration, and anger were the most noticeable. Evie also expressed worry about her brother and friends on the train because the tracks were in disrepair and those trains that made it through to the station had no people on board. And from the train station you could hear the ominous deep growling off in the distance.

I played this way for several hours last night and took several screenshots and videos to send to you all. I fell asleep while playing and this morning my tv was off but the game was still running. I got a pop up message stating that the game would shut down and then update to version 5.55. I did this and when I started the game again I was back at the start of the Death Stalks a Colonel. Not one thing auto saved during my several strange hours. The application data last save was from 3PM yesterday. And even stranger not one screen shot or video that I took managed to save either. Itís like PlayStation detected the anomaly and had it erased with a surprise update.

I have lots of questions but before I start playing again where I began yesterday, is there a storm/storm god content in this game? First the growling then the storm and then weird stuff happenend. So should I expect a strange storm?

05-17-2018, 09:14 PM
More importantly, is there a way to retrieve the hours of game data from my PS4 hard drive?

05-18-2018, 02:28 PM
I'd use a flash drive or portable HDD.

Sounds like a wild time, I'd love to see pics and video ;)

05-19-2018, 07:01 PM
I fell asleep while playing

laudanum's a helluva drug