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05-17-2018, 05:05 AM
I am not happy with the concept of the peacekeeper "rework"

I will not complain about the nerf she received : her damages are too high in her current state, and a nerf was necssary (i still believe that 33dmg to 20 for her heavyes is a bit ridiculous though : her light does about the same, 17dmg... I think it'll just make lightspam even more used with her \_(ツ)_/)

The "new pk" obtain basically two new abilities (that are basically things she had already, but upgraded)
- The ability to feint any heavy into a light bleed that comes from top (used to be the same direction)
- The ability to feint any heavy into a GB (used to be first only)

This is not a rework at all, and it's sad
It's sad because more than making a character more or less effective, a rework is supposed to add depth in a character, making his theme works better and add specifics goals to his gameplay

While these modfications add a bit more depth in her gameplay, the two other points are completely absent.

The lack of goals, and the bleed mechanic

Did you play the nobushi ? Or the Shaman ? These characters have something in common with PK : A common use of bleed
But unlike the PK, bleed on Nobushi and Shaman are a tool that serves their interests (Nobu deals more dmg on a bleeding target and shaman heals / obtain special attacks on a bleeding target)

Why pk use bleed ?
The only reason she use it is because it deals damage.
But any attack deals damage ! Delayed damages aren't an interesting mechanic in itself : it brings nothing on the table ! It simply makes her dealing normal damages in a different way, but it could as well be regular damage it wouldn't change much.

I was expectng PK's rework to add goals to her kit : hard to pull of but rewarding ****.
I was even thinking of something for her : An "Assassination" style attack that would be usable on a bleeding target : Assassination would cause all of the bleed dmg to affect the target immediatly, with a bonus dmg
(for example, the target have 20 remaining bleed dmg : use assassination on her, the bleed ends and she takes 20 dmg immedatly,+ 50% of the total (+10dmg) )
(it's just an example of what adding a goal look like)

This is just bad that we still have a ****load of methods to makes'em bleed out without being able to obtain anything from it : why even care ?
Of course Pk's bleed deals more dmg in general, but that doesn't require bleed to be achieved : and i don't understand why it's still there, completely untouched after her rework.

In a general way, i'd also have loved seeing something else than "i'm ****ing fast" on her kit. Sure she is fast, but that's almost everything that defines her today and to be fair, that's super lame when you see the other reworks that brought a ton of unique mechanics to other characters, with combos, anticipation... Pk didn't have something like that, something unique : she just have strong tools added together, then nerfed.

05-17-2018, 10:40 AM
We already had plenty of discussions about this topic:


Ubi won't even apoligize and admit that they first BROKE PK soft-feints in Chains (I got it confirmed from their support back in September 2017, have a look in the first thread I linked) and then sold us a BUGFIX as a REWORK... Still mad about this BS.

Edit: Heavy Damage nerf is down from 33+16 (49) to 20+11 (31) which brings it more in line with other Heavies.