View Full Version : Nobushi nerfs

05-17-2018, 02:37 AM
What happened with Nobushi? They nerfed her to the ground. First they took her only unique feat away and her damage considering Shaman has beat feats of every hero and faction. They over reworked some heroes and nerfed her to the ground. Basically she has nothing left. She has no opener slow attacks. All mix ups depends on hidden stance however it consumes so much stamina you can barely even use it twice and OOS. On the other hand Cent can go infinite kick and stuff. Is she in the right place?

05-17-2018, 03:20 AM
Yea, all of her lights are extremely slow and easy to parry, except for jabbing here and there with a side light. Her dodge attacks don't actually "dodge" anything, unlike all the other dodge attacks in the game.

You can do well with her, but the opponent either has to be horrible at parrying, you exploit some mechanic to make her lights harder to parry, or you take your sweet time to slowly poke them to death with a 12 damage light.

05-17-2018, 05:01 AM
As a Nobu main, she was nerfed pretty hard.

Nobushi suffers from a 1 trick issue right now, the only thing that makes her viable is hidden stance.

If she gets buffed, the following should happen imo:

- Allow Nobushi to use Cobra/Sidewinder later into the dodge.

- Heavy follow up after kick should take less time, when I kick someone into a wall... I should get a heavy, should not get punished for being to close to my opponent.

- Swift Recoil/retreat should break any tracking for a second so people cant make the move literally useless though interrupting by spamming their whiffing combos.

- Heavy GB soft cancel (I think every character should have one)

She has 1-2 things going for her right now.... Kensei, Conq, Highlander, Zerk, Shaman all have FULL MOVESETS that are viable at most levels of play while all she gets is Hidden Stance.... Everything in her kit outside of stance is so easy to deal with its frustrating.... If someone's not taking risks and is just blocking everything she throws... then the only thing she can do is turtle herself and play a patience game.