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05-16-2018, 02:48 PM
Hi guys.

i'm thinking of coming back to the game... haven't played since end of season 3. Just wondering whats the state of the game atm? I understand there are dedicated servers now?

I expect most are highly skilled players these days, so it will be a rough ride for sure.. ive got 680 hours in the game so I'm sure ill pick it up pretty quickly... even so, ill be getting my *** handed to me for a while, I'm a big boy, I can handle it.

Whats the state of play regarding cheats, afk'ers etc?


05-16-2018, 07:36 PM
Hm if the way of too many unblockables and faster attacks and ur lower chance to stay alive in 4v4 dont disturb you , then come back. The thing is i have lost a lot of friends in this game. They just dont want to play it anymore. I ,m still playing and at some point u rage, but at the end this game is epic and will be . Cheats: i didnt really see people which can block and parry everything, or attack endless so i would say there is not many cheaters in this game for now. AFK farmers : afk farmers r away now ( thx ubi ). BUGS : since the 10 min punishment is away ( thx ubi ) and there r really a very very few bugs here and there . The game is , i would say in a very better states since season 3. SO COME BACK ! SEE U LATAAAA :P

05-16-2018, 07:43 PM
Frankly, with the exception of the shaman (and depending on the comp 4v4) I think it's in a good spot.

If you left for a paltry reason, you're likely to find another issue but if you love the combat and enjoy the game then you'll find it overall more stable.

05-16-2018, 08:13 PM
Only difference is stability. Other than the heroes being a little more balanced the game is exactly the same as it was at launch. If you haven't checked out the latest heroes, they are awesome, and if you haven't checked out Tribute, it is entertaining as well. I am hoping we get some new modes coming soon to make the game feel like it is actually growing and/or evolving into its full potential. Hopefully announced at E3.

05-16-2018, 08:44 PM
Pure trash. That's really all I can say.

05-16-2018, 09:00 PM
Season 3 was before the bulk of the defensive meta changes if I recall. There is chip damage, regen on last bar of hp has been removed, if I recall out of stamina state does not stop light chains when they are blocked, heavy parries only give you a guaranteed light, light parries a guaranteed heavy, guardbreaks are not guaranteed after a parry.

Two new characters, Shaman which has achieved season 1 peacekeeper levels of salt but seems more balanced after the initial nerf pass and aramusha which is billed as a vanguard/heavy hybrid, infinite chain that provides soft feint opportunities, limited time allblock that gives options when it is used.

Reworks for berserker, kensei and conqueror are in, reworks for orochi and peacekeeper (the latter more a set of nerfs but with a move useless in high tier changed to enable them without breaking her) tomorrow and nobushi and highlander received a major balance pass.

There is a new training mode which enables you to program an opponent to use certain moves.

And dedicated servers, the game is stable for most people, also first stage of lag compensation.

Outside of what has changed, the dev team are at E3 next month so there are announcements in the works.

05-16-2018, 09:53 PM
Game is moving in a faster more unpredictable combat direction. Not necessarily bad, but you should know it ahead of time.

I've been dropped from only two matches since the servers went live on PS4, so that's been lovely. I got disconnected more from the Division haha.

It can take A LOT to learn how to fight the dlc and reworked heroes, but it can also be very satisfying when you best them. I get angry pretty frequently, but usually can get over it.

Dominion is a slog a lot of the time. You will almost always be fighting at least 2v1, and more often than not 3v1 or 4v1. It's not annoying or frustrating, as much as it's boring. Always the same fight for the entire 1000+ points earned.

05-16-2018, 10:44 PM
For the most part as stated above. the game is starting to get on the right track. But its still far from being where it needs to be. Hero Balancing is still a major issue. Which the devs just cant seem to get right. This mostly in part due to listening to pro teams rather then listening to the community as a whole. Some heroes just cant perform as they used to. Eathier due in fact to there slow and sluggish. Or they just don't have a proper move set that can make them more effective within the game. To finish off on hero balancing most heroes can do absurd amounts of damage and combos. Leaving the chance to counter such combos almost impossible. Other then hero balancing. There are still many changes that need to be made. Prime example of this is the Guard break. Guard break for the most part while season 5 has made many improvements to it. Its still a pain to Counter. Meaning the time frame or the duration needed to properly counter it. Wether your guard broken off a dodge. Or have been guard broken after a counter attack. The time frame to properly counter it just isn't there. There is simply put little to no time to counter it unless you put hours upon hours into countering guard break. Which not all players have the time for. Secondly theres the matter of the guard stance system and blocking. Every other hero out there except assassin class heroes makes use of an auto block system. Which for this type of game play. Is a lackluster. 90% of the time they don't even have to block or time there blocks. the system does it for them. Which shouldn't be the case. Blocking and defense shouldn't be automated it should be just as much about skill and timing as offense is. In closing Ubi Soft while starting to get on the right track still has much needed change to implement to get the game on the right track