View Full Version : Shugoki buff

05-15-2018, 05:42 AM
When will it happen? He is my favorite character, but the dude is far from viable.

05-15-2018, 06:06 AM
Yea, he really does need it. Highlander does the same damage, but faster, and has faster unblockables that can be spammed and guaranteed. On top of that, Shugo takes more damage when his hyperarmor is down, making his health effectively more like an assassin's.

Even more than that, he still takes self damage while attempting his hug and only does 40 damage if landed successfully (needs a wall to guarantee), meanwhile Shaman does 50 damage which is guaranteed on a guardbreak throw and can be repeatedly attempted with no direct consequence to her health. Why is the lil chick doing more damage than the "hard hitter"?

05-15-2018, 05:37 PM
It will be a dream come true if he did. But, I doubt hes on the top priority lists for rework. Valkyrie and Warden are probably next because due to popularity demanding reworks for the two.

For now, continue light > headbutting.