View Full Version : Console performance

05-15-2018, 01:27 AM
So I'm not very tech savy when it comes to the consoles but I have a question for somebody more knowledgeable. Can somebody please explain to me why this game performs so badly on Xbox? I own this game on both Xbox and PC. I can honestly say this game looks terrible and performs terrible compared to PC. The colors on console are washed out with white and very dull. The game has FPS consistency issue. I know it runs at 30fps but it can't maintain those 30 FPS. I thought the FPS issue was my 144hz so I moved it to a 60hz monitor and it still does the same thing so I tried my TV and same result..Are consoles not on dedicated servers? I have open NAT and xbox set to DMZ but it still has a problem with FPS consistency. It runs fine until I get it in a fight. Is this just an issue with the Xbox? The maps are very small and it's only a 2-8 player game. I can really agree with it being the console when games like BF1 which is 32v32 and has more activity going on it than this game like planes, tanks and explosions. The weird part is when I stream my console to my PC, I have smooth game play which doesn't make sense to me either. Is it possible my console is defective and only shows it when I play For Honor?