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05-14-2018, 10:13 PM
EVERY HIGHLANDER THESE DAYS >>>>light attack while holding back ( idk if u understand what i mean, u just attack the air and dont hit something ), and go for offensive or an uninterruptible with a lot of damage.


- on offensive highlander can just stay and wait for a attack, dodge ( which is easy for every player with more than 50 h in this game ), let the kick out garantee unblockable ,
-on offensive spam the hell out of lights which u ONLY can block . ( 2 fast )
-on offensive unblockable , which can easy feint to kick or grab,which give garantee unblockable aswell
i mean u acutally cant do nothing vs a highlander on offensive, u go close to grab , lights raining, or kick or grab. ( yes u can luck the dodge timing when a soft feint tograb comes but its not 50/50 its like 10/90)

AND that STAMINNNNNNNAAAAAAAA 8 unblockables with +- 40 damage could rain from a rep 50 highlander, i mean wtf?? and EVERYattack is unblockable OR uninterruptible and do A LOT OF DAMAGE !
Becaus of him being SLOW , there not many players playin him ( happy about that ), but my dear, if someone main him, will kick and kill every hero . Do you actually fight a 1v2 with 2 highlander, THEN HAVE FUN .

what i only have vs him is dodge attack, if i ,m with assassin and dodge away is not an option and the funny thing is , on offensive he can dodge to you like faster than u can dodge away.

THERE IS NO WEAK POINT when u face a highlander. i dont know why is close to every attack of him uninterruptible or unblockable with tons of damage.

I dont know exactly what should get change to dont destroy this char. BUT something need to get change.

( and just for Info : i have 800 h gameplay and rep 110 so please dont come around with u can parry unblockables or something funny like that. )

05-14-2018, 11:47 PM
I agree with you I think they over buffed his offensive stance

05-15-2018, 01:16 AM
Depending on the Hero you are you can whiff punish Highlanders going for retreat light.

If you are Conqueror he can easily do a forward shield bash after highlander whiffs light to punish and negate him going into offensive stance.

Always be in his face 24/7 when he's out of offense stance and if he goes for retreat light in front of you always punish right after so he doesn't have access to 2nd swing armor or offense stance.... and by both lights I mean if he tries to go for the kick or the kick mix up. you can stop him from doing either by hitting him.

Also let's say you are Centurion and Highlander starts off in Offense Stance, you can bait highlander into dodging by initiating with Centurion kick into feint heavy GB. He will think you will throw both the kick and heavy to prevent him from having OF stance and usually you will get that GB.

If he hits you with offense light or Defensive light you can always hit him out of Offense Stance Switch by having an attack that's 500ms or faster...

Tell me your main and I can give you some very good tips on how to negate Highlander from getting his momentum going.

05-15-2018, 01:21 AM
Also... If you are having real trouble with him. just go Kensei and end the man. lol Kensei smacks highlander out of this game

05-17-2018, 01:30 AM
I agree HL does ridicilious damage now. Cant even avoid kick and grab thing now. I dont know if its only me. I dodge side step he grabs me. I do back step he grabs me again.

05-17-2018, 01:46 AM
Unless your kensie you have to dodge the kick and roll when they go for a grab

05-17-2018, 06:52 AM
"EVERY HIGHLANDER THESE DAYS >>>>light attack while holding back ( idk if u understand what i mean, u just attack the air and dont hit something ), and go for offensive or an uninterruptible with a lot of damage."

This alone shows that you have no idea of what Highlander does, his moves or how he operates now (i could bet that you didn't even read his buff/rework patch notes), thus you can't possibly know if he is op or balanced, the better way to get better against a character is playing him and understanding what he does, when on the oposite side you see virtually no weaknesses, but when you play it you see every single one.

Watch his videos, play him like 10 times in duels, i bet you will improve a lot.