View Full Version : Killer Essay on Thematic Sci-Fi/Fantasy *BGE DEVS, LOOKPLZKTHX*

05-14-2018, 06:19 PM
This essay is about the themes the author Seth Dic/kinson tried to weave into his novel, THE TRAITOR BARU CORMORANT (which I now must read).

The Secret Design of The Traitor Baru Cormorant (https://bit.ly/2rGm8mU)

It is clear that BGE2 is using a thematic narrative, at least implicitly tackling issue such as racism and slavery. And their explicit focus on diversity says something about what they're trying to do with the game. So I present this essay as inspiration, insight into process, and also as a point of discussion about the themes in this game, and sci-fi/fantasy more broadly.

(The censors on this forum are absurd. In addition to blocking out the author's name, it also made the link not work. )